Stellar Is Gonna Stellar With Minhee’s Comeback Teasers

minhee stellar 2

Stellar, a group that barely goes a half-step beyond typical vanilla sexy concepts and takes an inordinate amount of shit for doing so, is making a comeback with “Stabbed” this month and it doesn’t look like the group plans on altering its conceptual course any time soon.

While some speculated that “Stabbed” would take a tamer route than, say, “Vibrato” or “Marionette” (because, I don’t know, white equals innocent or something), the group recently released its individual teasers for Minhee and, well, tame isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind here.

minhee stellar

El oh el.

minhee stellar 3

On the Cute-Sexy graph, this falls directly on the mindfuck line of both and neither at the same time.

minhee stellar 4

You do you Stellar.

Stellar is nothing if not self-aware with what they’re doing, so this whole subversion of the “cute” concept (Minhee really does sell that stupid blank innocent stare well) should be very, very promising if the finished project follows through on the teasers’ promise.



  1. The 1st photo reminds me of a G7-era Hyuna. Can’t wait to see what new *ahem* ‘dance moves’ they have lined up..

    1. It will be glorious, I’m sure.

  2. I like this “innocent” concept.

    1. So innocent. Much purity.

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