Ready Your Loins, Stellar Is Making A Comeback This Month

stellar comeback image

It looks like Stellar, the girl group famously known for fiercely latching onto the sexy concept train of 2014 with all the subtlety of a nuclear blast,  will be back to slay all souls this January with a new comeback.

Entitled “Pierce” (although Wikipedia has the single labelled as “Stabbed”), the comeback tune will be released on January 18th and it will be produced by MonoTree, the ex-Sweet Tune team and frequent Stellar collaborators behind “Vibrato,” “Mask,” and the infamous “Marionette.”

No matter how one feels about the group’s music videos (I found “Marionette” to be pretty bland and “Vibrato” to be excellent), Stellar’s musical output has been quietly solid for a group that has struggled to gain traction in the genre. “Marionette,” “Mask,” “Fool,” and “Vibrato” are all bumpable tracks in their own right (at their best, the group’s sleek disco-dance tracks are of a similar quality to Nine Muses’ singles), so this will probably be worth the wait. If nothing else, the first teaser image is very, very promising.




  1. Stellar: I came for the music video but stayed for the song. Also:

  2. ary_prastiya · · Reply

    wait for hot coreography hehehehe

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