[Review-ish] Suzy And Baekhyun – “Dream” Is A Dream

baekhyun suzy dream

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first gave “Dream” a spin, mostly because my familiarity with Baekhyun is almost entirely Taeyeon-based and Suzy isn’t particularly well-known for being a fantastic vocalist. Nonetheless, “Dream” is a pretty great jazz collaboration that allows both vocalists to flourish without any added bells and whistles.

The video may not be much to watch (although the faux-loft setting is quite nice) but the single room set up does create a sense of intimacy and warmth that the song’s smooth, classic sound masterfully weaves from the opening note to the track’s conclusion. Guitars, bass, keys and a simple snare beat make for a pleasant canvas but the very agreeable and conventional beat requires its vocalists to do the heavy lifting to elevate the song to anything beyond “coffeehouse noise.” Thankfully, Baekyun and Suzy bring it. Baekhyun’s warm and full vocal styling manages to squeeze out just enough vibrato to stay on the light side while Suzy perfectly complements her duet partner with a surprisingly deft airy delivery that still manages to have enough heft to rise above the admittedly unobtrusive music. It’s a subtle interplay between the two vocalists but the subtlety works here because of the delicate nature of the song and the seemingly effortless way that Suzy and Baekhyun manipulate the beat to their whims. It may not have that much replay value and it’s not the kind of song that will get stuck in a person’s head but “Dream” most definitely smashes every single note that it sets out to hit.

I think this image sums things up nicely.


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  1. My impression is pretty meh, but I wasn’t watching the video so, shrug.

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