So, ‘Family Guy’ Decided To Include SISTAR And “Bubble Pop” In Its Latest Episode

family guy kpop

Family Guy, an animated television show that was popular and somewhat funny about 15 years ago, decided to do a show about Korean entertainment.

Keeping in the grand tradition of Seth McFarlane’s, “Hey, here’s a piece of pop culture that you might know” substitute for humor, the episode features an actual clip of SISTAR’s “Touch My Body.”

Now to be fair, Peter’s introduction (and reaction) to K-Pop is actually pretty funny and likely isn’t that different from anyone who actually reads this blog:

“What is this, and how can I make my life about it?” – The first reaction that every new K-Pop fan has when first exposed to SISTAR/SNSD/KARA/Fin.K.L/Big Bang/2NE1 etc. etc. etc.

While SISTAR did make an appearance in the show, they were not the only group who was referenced. EXO, KARA, f(x), and Crayon Pop each got a nod in the episode and Hyuna’s immortal “Bubble Pop” was used as the template for Peter’s very own K-Pop tune (which the show uses to lampoon Korea in pretty lazy ways).

One has to hand it to Seth McFarlane. The man clearly did his homework in this case.

If you want to watch the whole episode, it is currently streaming on Hulu (but you will need a subscription) and FOX’s website (same deal, but you do get an hour “preview” that you could use towards watching the show).

You may now go back to never watching Family Guy ever again.



  1. I’ve got some catching up to do around here. Have seen this episode and it is hilarious.

  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Add me to the list of people that never found this show funny in the least. Yet I love Seth. Whenever I’ve seen him on talk shows or just about anything else I want to gay marry him. Strange that his main property sucks so bad. Anyway, yeah, Peter’s reaction was spot on. The rest of what I’ve seen of this episode here and there was offensive, racist, and worst of all totally unfunny.

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