Top Ten Waifus of 2015

miss a fei colors 4


With the end of the year fast approaching, it seems fitting to use the last Wednesday of the year to compile the annual list of the top Waifus in the game. The list has next to nothing to do with what a performer actually accomplished this year and more to do with ~the feels~. Most of you can probably read up until number two because you know for damn sure who the NUMBAH ONE WAIFU UF AUUWWLLL THE UNIVERSE is.

10. Yubin


The Wonder Girls had an amazing comeback this year that I used a shit-ton of words to praise but I could have simply copy+pasted “YUBIN ON DRUMS” over and over again until I broke WordPress and saved everyone a lot of time. Because Yubin on drums.

yubin drums

9. Jessica Jung

jessica jung

Jessica was mostly off the radar music-wise in 2015 but an impending comeback means that we are about to enter the next glorious Ice (Princess) Age. May it be full of sweet, sweet shade.

8. Nana

nana glamm 7

I almost purposefully left Nana off these lists because she’s basically what would happen if a computer algorithm studied the human history of “beauty” and then gained enough sentience to improve on that concept by quantum leaps and bounds. Her inclusion is basically automatic (and a little boring as a result).

7. Nari

nari wassup 3434545747

So underrated, it hurts.

Soooooooo, what is up with the lack of WASSUP in the world? Because every second that Nari isn’t in the spotlight is one more second that the planet is a less worthwhile and fulfilling place to live.

6. Eunjung

eunjung go crazy

This should win a Pulitzer, an Emmy and a Nobel Prize.

I can’t really recall writing anything Eunjung-specific over the past year and that may be the biggest sin that I commited in 2015 outside of not reviewing Crayon Pop.

5. Momo

momo twice 13123

Momo for Rookie of the Year.

4. ChoA

choa 3

God bless Arena Homme +.

Seolhyun gets most of the AOA love but I’ve been on the ChoA hype train since the beginning and that’s not changing any time soon. Hopefully, she’ll get the chance to have a proper solo debut next year.

3. IU

iu gq 4

Couch status: #Blessed

It has been a big year for the Nation’s Little Sister. CHAT-SHIRE ruled, “Twenty-Three” ruled, and IU’s GQ photo shoot likely made choruses of angels cry. Or was that just me?

2. Ryu Sera

ryu sera 234324

True, she’s not an “idol” anymore but the former Nine Muses and eternal goddess made her own damn album  and held a solo concert that looked utterly delightful. And while she hasn’t posted anything to her YouTube channel in a couple of months, it is still one of the best things on the web.

1. Wang Fei Fei

But you knew that already.

Tell me how wrong I am about everything below (except for number one, because that would be impossible).

I’ll start posting again regularly after the New Year. Apologies to the handful of people who read this thing for not being as active over the past couple of weeks. I had some personal things to deal with but I am definitely looking forward to what K-Pop has to offer in 2016.



  1. Who’s this Wang Fei Fei? Never heard of her.

  2. Yes, we knew Wang Fei Fei would be number one in this list!!!! Agree with the sentiments on Nana & Choa wholeheartedly. Damn glad to see Sera make the list, & agreed.. would’ve just about killed to be at that concert (or even better at her busking affair).

    &, it has to be said, that picture of IU is worth about a gazillion words (or dollars). I could argue for inclusion a few others, but a damn good list still.

  3. Oh, & Crayon Pop definitely deserves some attention. They are the simply just a lot of fun. I agree with the comment in the sluggie-awards thread that FM was one of the best videos of 2014. The attitude & non-conformity is just awesome. (thanks to Shadow for turning me on them)

  4. No, no, no, Tzuyu is the Rookie of the Year

    Not official a Waifu yet, but legally able to get married in most States (with parental consent)

    1. Tzuyu is a fetus so no.

      1. Yeah, I know. I thought she was young at 16 until I read that Sohee (Wonder Girls) debuted at 14 and Suzy (Miss A) at 15. Happy New Year, slug!

  5. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    I was in Choa’s presence this year, and seeing her perform live just solidified for me her status as a bona fide star. It was kind of like the time I saw Jenna Jameson at a strip club – I knew I was in the same room with greatness. Anyway, yeah. Great list. I’ll always be a Min guy, but it’s impossible to argue against Fei. Here’s hoping we get to see both of them this year, along with Nana preferably in an After School comeback. Hey, a man can dream.

  6. Good choices.

  7. Only 3 from last year made the cut. I would suggest Ji-U from Minx for Waifu Wednesday.

    1. It was certainly a year for change. Your suggestion is duly noted (and will probably come soon).

  8. DankMemes&Anime · · Reply

    Choa over Hyejeong and Mina, Nana over Lizzy? Bro pls.

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