InStyle Had Some Celebrities Pose With Their Pets And Hyorin’s Cat Is The Best Thing

나른한 오후 #귀차니즘#냥스타그램

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In order to help raise money for the Korean Alliance for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Korean celebrities including Jaekyung of Rainbow and Hyorin of SISTAR did a photo shoot for InStyle magazine where they modeled Hazzy accessories with their pets in tow.

Jaekyung brought along her little white puff ball of a dog and dressed it up in some unholy denim vest-white shirt combo.


Those smiles are everything.

Although, to be fair to Rainbow’s leader, the dog certainly seems to love Jaekyung regardless of her pet fashion sense.

#마카롱입니다 🐶 #jaekyung 😛

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While Jaekyung’s cheery photo with her dog was nice, the duo was completely outdone by Hyorin and her cat. Or, to put it more accurately, the entire photo shoot was completely outdone by Hyroin’s cat. (Fittingly, out of the photos that InStyle made available, Hyorin’s photo was also the only one with a feline friend. Everyone else brought a dog because dogs are the physical embodiment of :D)


The pattern of Hyorin’s cat’s fur is really pretty though.


hyorin cat

hyorin cat 3

hyorin cat 4

That stare is the perfect amalgamation of “HALP,” “I’ve made a huge mistake,” and “My God, what have I done.”

This isn’t the first time that Hyorin’s cat Simba (she has four cats, all of which she adopted) has managed to steal the show at one of her owner’s photo shoots. Here is Simba giving a very similar  wide-eyed look of Not Having It while nestled comfortably in Hyorin’s overalls during an Allure shoot that SISTAR’s main vocalist did earlier this year.

With Simba!!!!!!!!!!! #효린#얼루어#화보#고양이#냥스타그램#

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Basically, Simba is the best and needs to be included in all future SISTAR photo shoots.

I probably won’t be posting much for the rest of the week due to the “holidays,” “spending quality time with family” and “performing some upkeep on my shrine to Wang Fei Fei.” I will probably return to regular posting next week when I cobble together my annual highly subjective objective end-of-year lists. Happy holidays to everyone!



  1. That shrine to Wan Fei Fei probably needs some work. I know Shadow’s shrine to Eunji is in need of an update! (says the guy who still has not built his ‘Fany shrine). Happy Holidays Slug.

    1. Thanks! Same to you and and the soon-to-be-built Fany shrine.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Looks like a Bengal. They are super cool dog-like cats.
    Pretty sure Jaekyung is the best thing in this post.

    1. Normally, I agree with any and all “Jaekyung is the best” comments but this time I still have to give it to the cat.

  3. Here’s hoping that Hyorin doesn’t end up 40, single, and with 8 cats. Dudes in Korea, don’t be intimidated by a successful, independent woman with a strong image. Someone ask her out before she ends up a crazy cat lady.

  4. ary_prastiya · · Reply

  5. “Jaekyung brought along her little white puff ball of a dog and dressed it up in some unholy denim vest-white shirt combo.” OH MY FUCK, what a hellish outfit. Unholy is right. Thank god they have the cuteness to pull that off (?).

    Gotta admit, Simba takes it. I wonder if anyone had a dog bigger than their arm in that photoshoot.

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