4Minute’s Next Comeback Will Include A Healthy Dose Of Skrillex Apparently

As the group has not-so-subtly hinted on social media recently, 4Minute will be collaborating with dub-step mascot Skrillex for their fast-approaching comeback.

skrillex 멋쟁이😎👍

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Per Soompi:

A Cube Entertainment affiliate stated to Star News on December 20, “Even delayed, the group will make a comeback within the first half of the year.”

The group will be working with the world-renowned DJ Skrillex, who has already met up with the agency’s songwriters and 4Minute as well, and fans are excited as to what new sound this combo will bring.

On the one hand, I can’t really say that I’m generally a fan of Skrillex’s music. A man can only take so many WUBWUBWUBWUBs in one listening session. On the other hand… this could work? Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe” collaboration with G-Dragon and CL wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared it would be when it was first announced and Skrillex’s background in EDM aligns nicely with 4Minute’s admittedly EDM-friendly discography.

Either way, it’s been almost a year since 4Minute last graced us with their amazing “Crazy” comeback, so this is most definitely something to look forward to, even if it does inevitably come in a Skrillex-approved package.



  1. I know you will be putting together your end of year lists soon. Personally I think Crazy was the best effort from a girl group this year. SNSD and Sistar kind of coasted this year with their releases. 2NE1 is in purgatory because CEO Yang can’t drop a set and tell K-Nets to piss off and go hassle the police and prosecutors office if they felt justice was not done regarding Bom. She’s lost two years of her career over it already and folks that still want her head will likely never be satisfied, so tell them to as far as you are concerned the matter is closed and if they don’t want to buy tickets, merch, or music, fine. Plenty of other people still do.

    Sorry got off on a tangent.

    AOA, A Pink, and Girl’s Day were kind of lackluster this year as well. IU and Ailee did well enough. Mamamoo did pretty well. f(x) had a good release. Red Velvet had a nice release. Twice had a very nice debut. Kara and T-Ara had lackluster comebacks. Nicole and SPICA nearly disappeared. Fiestar disappointed after having such a promising song last year in One More. Most of the other rookie girl groups were just kind of forgettable or indistinguishable under the weight of nearly identical cute concepts. That’s where Twice really excelled. They did something so different from the other girl groups visually and with a bit more moxie and it distinguished them from all the other girl groups.

    As I said, I think Crazy was the top girl group or female soloist release this year.

    I was kind of hoping we might hear something from Ladies Code or at least get an update about how things are going for the surviving members and what their and the label’s plans are. I suppose it is commendable that their label has not been pushy about getting them back out there. I wonder if those three young women will ever perform again though. That experience would suck the little joy one has in the very hard work that is the K-pop world. You are likely constantly reminded of your missing friends every time you go into a rehearsal studio, come back to the dorm, get in a van with the other surviving members, etc. Should they add new members and try to move on, perform as a trio, or are they going to hang it up? I wouldn’t blame them if they decided to move on from being idols.

    1. black soshi · · Reply

      Red Velvet is clearly the way forward. I urge all to stan feverishly. Plus they had two releases this year, sixteen perfect tunes. And of course Wendy.

      1. Yeah, they are a very talented new group and have bright future, but this little gaffe makes it hard for me to get full on behind them.


        Wendy doesn’t have the “I always lived in Korea and never knew this was offensive excuse.” She lived in Canada long enough that she knows that you would not go on Canadian or American radio and do this. She thought she was safe doing it on Korean radio I think and that bugs me. I can somewhat accept someone born and raised in Korea who has never met a black person making a gaffe like this claiming they didn’t know how offensive it was, somewhat (The world is too interconnected these days to live completely under a rock and not realize that this isn’t funny or cute), but someone who lived in Toronto for years should know a lot better unless while they lived there they were doing the same things with their white and Asian friends in the suburbs thinking how funny it was.

        This wasn’t a misquote, poor choice of words, or bad translation like Taeyeon’s Alicia Keyes comment from years ago. This was purposefully mocking. There is no arguing it was meant as an homage. She thought it would be something funny, to those who view blacks as inferior.

      2. black soshi · ·

        I’ve always thought that black comedians imitating whites and Asians was hilarious. Its funny how that is not perceived as racism. Apparently racism is only directed at blacks.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Skrillex can fuck off. Don’t touch them! If I like this release it will be a miracle.

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