[Review-ish] Hyorin, Bumkey And Jooyoung’s “Love Line” Brings So Much Heat

hyorin bumkey jooyoung love line

It’s pretty much a given that if Hyorin is given a track that puts her powerful, brassy voice at the forefront, she’ll produce magic and “Love Line” is certainly no exception to this rule.

What makes “Love Line” so exceptional is how smoothly every element fits together. The trio of Hyorin, Bumkey and Jooyoung (bringing together backgrounds in pop, hip-hop and R&B) ensures that there really isn’t a bad vocalist in the bunch which allows the production to mostly sit back and create a warm, relaxing atmosphere that gives the singers the chance to play off of each other in very satisfying ways (the small amounts of double-tracking and generous amounts of harmonizing between the trio is pretty much perfect for this bit of pop). Featuring surprisingly upbeat and funky guitar licks and key riffs, “Love Line” makes the most of its three stars, allowing each to showcase their considerable vocal talents without weighing down the proceedings in layers and layers of production. It’s straight forward and won’t win many praises for innovation but when you have three vocalists who can sing like this, not much more is needed to make a solid song and “Love Line” snuggles very comfortably into solid song territory.

The video is whatever. A vocal-focused track doesn’t need choreography but the lack of a dance leads “Love Line” to barely have anything of interest to show at all. Granted there are worse things to look at than Hyorin, Bumkey and Jooyoung serenade the masses from the comfort of a black and white warehouse/bar/abandoned prop room but it’s pretty clear that as far as priorities go, most of the effort involved here went into the creation of the song. The video exists as a vehicle for the song rather than (as seems to be the case with plenty of K-Pop videos) the other way around.

In summation, “Love Line” is really, really good and a pleasant way to kick off the weekend (especially for me, considering that this wasn’t even really on my radar). Now, when is the next SISTAR comeback?



  1. The next Sistar comeback is probably next summer, but Soyu will likely have a duet in the spring with someone. It is possible that maybe we will get a Sistar 19 comeback at some point as their last was about 2 years ago.

    Hyorin is one of the few in K-pop that has the vocal chops and swag that if she was fluent in English might have a shot here in the US. She sings great in English, but she’s not fluent enough to do press unfortunately.

    It’s almost unfair that a company as small as Starship has so much top notch vocal talent wandering the halls.

    1. I sometimes forget that Starship doesn’t have the hugest roster because SISTAR is such a big deal.

      1. I can see why. Sistar is such a popular group and a group that popular is rare from a small company. Most small companies really struggle to market their groups at all let alone reliably find them music that can become a hit year after year. Of course, it helps immensely when you have what appears to be a group of workaholics, one member is one of the best singers in Korea, another would likely be the lead singer of just about any other girl group, another is variety gold, and the last appears to be developing well as an actress. Sistar probably generates over half of the company’s revenue I bet. Of course that might change this year with Monsta X having a strong debut, and their new 12 member girl group they are doing in partnership with a Chinese entertainment company if that girl group has a successful debut. K. Will has been a solid earner for them for years and Mad Clown is also doing well for them. About the only weak spot on their roster is their group Boyfriend, which they took to Japan too soon without solidifying a Korean fanbase. Then when they didn’t have huge success in Japan, they came back to Korea as an afterthought among fans and have never been able to regain the momentum they had with their debut. That may be part of the reason that Sistar hasn’t done a lot of promoting outside of Korea. Sistar generates too much money for Starship in Korea to justify risking dedicated promotions in Japan or China. Though part of this partnership with the Chinese company may be to help promote their Korean roster in China.

  2. Wow. I like it. Thanks for bringing to our attention. No doubt about Hyorin, she is one of the best voices in KPOP: power, range & control & seems to be able to sing just about anything. (genre-wise).

    1. I don’t usually pay attention to collabs, so this one was a happy surprise for me as well.

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