ChoA’s “Flame” Is A Nice Reminder That ChoA Is Everything

choa aoa flame

Seeing as this is more or less a remake of a song and not a full-on “solo debut,” I won’t be spending that much time dissecting AOA ChoA’s take on “Flame.” I’ll just say that ChoA is amazing and this will just be added to the heap of evidence in support of that claim.

Sigh, AOA may never be as recognized for their vocals as they are for their, uh, “determination and spirit” but I’m fairly certain that ChoA’s voice in “Flame” has the power to save souls and solve climate change.

Between this, her dancing abilities and the much speculated rumors that she is the guitarist in some sort of real-life pop band (#SaveAOABlackFromIrrelevance), it’s safe to say that ChoA is a dream wrapped in a wish packaged as a fantasy that was likely delivered to earth on the back of a rainbow-fueled unicorn (or so I’m told).

This has been your semi-regular reminder that we should all aspire to be nearly as perfect as ChoA.



  1. Your reviews always entertains this near-void soul!

    1. Thanks haha. This one was barely a review but ChoA makes up for a lot.

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