Waifu Wednesday: Jihyo

jihyo twice ww

Park Ji Soo (better known by her stage name Jihyo) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the leader of current K-Pop rookie group and future overlords TWICE.

It may be a bit silly to say that Jihyo’s time to shine has been a long time coming considering her youth but make no mistake. It’s been a long time coming. TWICE’s leader had a trainee period that lasted 10 years which means that she spent over half her life working towards her debut (She has also had to deal with really stupid “concerns” over her weight, whether that be from nameless netizens or JYP himself). It’s little wonder that she became pretty overwhelmed with emotions towards the end of TWICE’s 1st Showcase when the group performed their single “OOH-AHH.”

Judging by TWICE’s strong debut and generally positive reception, the wait has been worth it. May Jihyo’s rule as leader of TWICE be long and prosperous. She’s earned it.


Jihyo is so cute that she can cause ice cream to melt on the North Pole.

jihyo twice 2

A long time coming.

Jihyo is so talented she counts as a heavenly miracle.

jihyo twice live

Long live Jihyo, long live TWICE.

Jihyo’s determination is so great that she can move mountains with her subconscious.

jihyo momo

Stealth Momo hype.

Jihyo is so amazing that she transcends how we conceive possibilities and feelings.

jihyo twice live 2


Jihyo’s dancing packs a stronger punch than the Hulk on a temper tantrum.

jihyo twice gif


feels dolphin



  1. It’s always funny how the entertainment world’s beauty definitions are so messed up. If you bumped into Jihyo at a party or a club, you would be impressed and feel lucky you got her digits. She’s a really pretty young woman who unfortunately works in an environment full of slim models, which by comparison makes her look “heavy” when that is not true. She’s a normal build and weight for her height. She reminds me a bit of Sunny in the way she is short, curvy, and really cute. I hope she takes Hwasa’s attitude regarding her weight and her curves. She may not be as popular as some of the more “glamazon” members like Tzuyu, but I imagine there are a lot of Korean girls that love seeing someone who looks like them having success in entertainment.

  2. Wow, JYP’s comments were damn harsh. As much as I hate to admit it, Jihyo does stand out from the rest of girls due to her relatively heavier frame. Let’s face it, most K-Pop girls are too thin for their own good and borderline aneroxic, which they hide with push up bras & butt pads. Jihyo can sing most of the other girls in Twice under the table. This 18yr old is the most experienced debut I’ve seen in K-Pop.
    It’s also not like the rest of ladies in the group are naturally slim since they were all put on a strict diet prior to debut. They’d get so hungry that they start singing and fantasying about food.

  3. She’s definitely got the assets to go well with the ooh-ah dance.

  4. !0 years? Wow. Shes not one of my favorites but she gets the job done.

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