Slow Day, So Let’s Talk About ChoA’s Upcoming Solo Project “Flame”

choa aoa yase cover

In “Things That I Have Had Sitting On The Backburner,” ChoA will soon be releasing her her own version of the song “Flame,” a remake of Jang Hye Jin’s 2006 song.

Unfortunately, while the original song featured a rap verse by Gary, ChoA’s version seems like it will go full-on winter-time sadness.

Last weekend, Choa was reported to have completed filming the music video for the single. A reporter at the filming location mentioned, “The song contains Choa’s unique vocal ability that can’t be found anywhere else. The sad song is good for listening to in the winter.”

While it’s not a true solo debut, my consultation of mathematical and scientific theorems reveals that an increase of ChoA invariably results in an increase in happiness, even if it’s just ChoA re-hashing a ballad.

choa dance practice

Yup, theorem still valid.

“Flame” will release on December 17th, so come back here afterwards to inevitably hear how godly ChoA is in everything she touches.




  1. Choa looks so different in the last frame but anything Choa is great. Cute girl in the MV BTW, likely one of their trainees.

  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Seriously, I don’t know what would have happened to my interest in Kpop over the last year or so if it wasn’t for Choa and the rest of AoA. There have been some other some other good things (Crayon Pop’s FM, Playback’s Playback, Stellar’s Vibrato, T-ara’s So Crazy to name a few), but for me this has definitely been the year of AoA. Seeing them perform at Kcon in New Jersey certainly didn’t hurt, but even without that I just can’t get tired of listening to just about everything they’ve released, and also never get tired of seeing the plethora of pics and vids of them on /r/kpics and /r/Kpop.

    It’s been a little over 4 years since I first discovered Kpop, and the fact that it’s still all I listen is at least partially due to AoA.

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