Review: Lim Kim – “Stay Ever” Is Unfortunately Drab

lim kim

It would be hard to think of a better vocalist to bring the most out of a slower, bluesy pop song than Lim Kim but even she can’t really save “Stay Ever” from its commitment to dullness.

As for the music video’s positive points, they pretty much start and end with Lim Kim. The woman simply has a voice that is transfixing, a wistful breathy tone that sounds contemporary and grounded in soul at the same time.  The production wisely plays to her strengths by sticking to some soft, light keys, sparse but warm bass notes and rolling percussion to give the song some punch. The real substance of “Stay Ever” comes from Lim Kim herself, whether that be through her own masterful delivery in the song’s intro or the awesome double-tracking that is added to the track’s choruses that give the understated proceedings more than enough life to make for nice study/work music. (For his own part, Verbal Jint’s rap doesn’t seem very essential here.) The purposefully distorted auto-tuning at the end of the song gives the tune a delightfully off-kilter playfulness that  makes for a fun ending note. Unfortunately for the video, “fun” is in very short supply.

The MV for “Stay Ever” is a whole lot of nothing that confuses dourness for depth. The video starts off promisingly enough.

But then it descends into a lot of slow motion shots of sad-girl-being-comotosely-sad as she… comes and goes from a hotel? There’s a brief shot of a glass on the floor and a slumping arm that seems to indicate that sad-girl may be some sort of emotionless robot assassin but it seems so out of place because…

lim kim stay ever

Insert dramatic DUH-DUH-DUHHHH here.

A) The shirt on the body of the arm isn’t seen on  any extra in the video which somewhat mitigates whatever impact that it has (DID SHE ACCIDENTALLY KILL THE WRONG PERSON!?!?!).


B) Who cares? There’s no context given for the near nothingness happens here and what is shown is so slow-moving and lacking in momentum that almost every shot barely registers at all.

In all, “Stay Ever” is a nice song thanks to the always reliable Lim Kim but it could have been released on its own without the video and nothing of value would have been lost.



  1. My thought with the guy with the dropped glass was a guy committed suicide, but was it because he had his own demons, because of her, or what. I also couldn’t figure out if the woman was an escort, a party girl on one night stands, or someone in a bad or destructive relationship. This was like watching a boring French film that is visually so blah that I don’t want to take the time to break it down scene by scene with the dialog (lyrics) to figure out what is meant.

  2. Song isn’t half-bad but not her best. Like much her music, they are better listened to than watched; preferably over a cup of hot chocolate on a lazy & rainy Sunday afternoon.

  3. What a waste of time. This girl deserves better.

  4. Good news perhaps. Hopefully something a bit more upbeat like “Goodbye 20.”

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