Dal Shabet Is Losing Jiyul And Gaeun


In news that inspires a solid “Alright then,” Dal Shabet has announced that Jiyul and Gaeun will be leaving the group to pursue other, hopefully more fulfilling, careers. The timing of the announcement coincides with the two performers’ expiring contracts with Dal Shabet’s label.

Gaeun will reportedly venture into the field of fashion while Jiyul will go for the acting route.

As for Dal Shabet, it seems that there is no plans to replace the two with new members any time soon. The group is currently planning their next comeback and it will be as a quartet.

“Our members have a comeback ahead of them.  Seri, Ahyoung, Woohee, and Subin are going to make a comeback with a tremendous song.  Please look forward to it a lot.  We would be grateful if you supported them greatly and a lot so that they can gain strength on whatever stage they stand.”

It’s not as if Dal Shabet singles have ever hinged on individual talent so much as it has on poppy dance music and sex appeal (which the group still has in spades thanks to the magic of Ah Young and Subin) so it’s difficult to see how this will hurt Dal Shabet’s music (Gaeun was the group’s rapper but it’s not like Dal Shabet ever strayed anywhere near hip-hop).

Still, let’s pour one out for the duo. They may have not conquered K-Pop (or even gotten Waifu Wednesday features #sadfaceemoji) but they did help make “B.B.B” and that’s got to be worth something.

gaeun dal shabet

dal shabet jiyul



  1. Jiyul and Gaeun who? Seriously, my biggest problem with the group is their pretentious and nonsensical name, which sounds like an unsavory combination of Indian food & frozen Sherbert. Woohee is still a hottie though.

  2. Will you review their new song?

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