Lim Kim Has A New Video Coming Out Really Soon, So Yay

lim kim magazine

Sick as a dog, so gonna just do a really short one today.

As it turns out, Lim Kim isn’t done blessing the planet with music this year. While the release of Simple Mind and the flawless “Awoo” would have been more than enough to qualify as a great 2015, the woman with a voice that could melt diamond will be dropping a music video for “Stay Ever” featuring Verbal Jint on December 9th which is pretty surprising because, well, that’s just a few days away.

Visually, the teaser is incredibly non-descript, even for a K-Pop video (unless one has a thing for the back of a person’s head) but the small sample sounds exactly like the kind of warm, jazzy coffee house music that Lim Kim has managed to make a sterling career out of. Christmas comes early this year.

lim kim goodbye 20 balloon




One comment

  1. Video dropped today. cut and paste if doesn’t work.

    Not bad. That verbal jint dude is making the rounds.

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