Selca Sunday Brings Some Winter Warmth

seolhyun aoa

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca  Sunday, where the week’s dense K-Pop social media field is winnowed down Hunger Games-style to one concentrated post of odds-favored goodness. In this week’s edition, I’m breaking protocol and giving the top-spot to Seolhyun, who posted this last week while I was stuffing my face full of turkey, because reasons. Without further ado:

Hyosung of SECRET:

hyosung secret

Heating up.

Haeryung of BESTie:

bestie haeryung

Simply but effective shot.

Suzy of miss A:

suzy miss a

Clearly digitally altered. 2/10.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

jaekyung rainbow

Jaekyung gonna knock you out.

Jessica Jung:

jessica jung 324324234


Jiyeon of T-ara:

jiyeon tara


Hyuna of 4Minute:

hyuna 4minute

Hyuna continues to rule the Selca game like her own personal kingdom.

Fei of miss A:

fei miss a


Hani of EXID:

hani exid

Coming around to Hani’s green hair.

Yuri and Yoona of SNSD:

yoona yuri

Yuri’s birthday somehow ends up with the world’s most perfect holiday card.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    YoonYul for the win here.

  2. 1 Hyosung is really cute, even without emphasizing her considerable assets.
    2 Haeryung is an underrated babe.
    3 Hyuna for the win.

    1. black soshi · · Reply

      I stand corrected. Kim HyunA does win. Again.

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