Waifu Wednesday: Ah Young

ah young dal shabet maxim 2

Cho Ja Young (better known by her stage name Ah Young) is a South Korean idol singer, model and actress. She is best known for being a vocalist in K-Pop group Dal Shabet.

Looking through this feature and I’m a bit surprised that Dal Shabet hasn’t been covered beyond Woohee and Subin, so consider this to be a step towards amending this oversight. As far as K-Pop goes, Ah Young doesn’t stand out much as either a singer (Dal Shabet’s singles lean towards pop dance numbers anyways) or a dancer (the whole group can move) but she did build a substantial acting resume in a fairly short amount of time since she debuted four years ago. I guess that a camera doesn’t have to do much to illuminate Ah Young’s talents/looks/worshipability. The woman can make any screen light up.

Also, Woohee really likes her and that has to count for something, right?


Ah Young is so bright that angels need shades to gaze upon her.

ah young maxim 3

Maxim chose well.

Ah Young is so hot that she provides life for galaxies in other dimensions.

ah young dal shabet live

This is my everything.

Ah Young’s talents are more celebratory than manna from heaven.

ah young dal shabet 123123

Wait, this is my everything.

Ah Young’s smile hits with the power of a jolly green giant.

ah young dal shabet 432423423

Screw it. Ah Young is everything.

Ah Young is so impossible that she actually waltzes into Mordor.

ah young dal shabet 4365455678658

The cuteness is real.


cheering fan boying spazz


One comment

  1. i really like Ah young, she has this standard korean beauty look and that eyes is so gorgeous she can replace illuminati symbol with her eyes. It’s just that everytime she opens her mouth, i have a really weird feeling. It’s like my body confused if i should have a boner or feels distracted.

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