IU Lands On The Cover Of GQ Which Is Nice

iu gq cover

Between the amount of press that IU has accumulated over her recent album release and the amazing “Twenty-Three” comeback, the incredibly  bizarre controversy surrounding the lyrics to one of her songs and her flawless takeover of magazine racks this December, it’s not surprising to find that GQ gave IU the nod for their upcoming monthly issue.

The results are peak GQ and informative at the same time. For instance, we now know that, much like everyone else on the planet (and after much investigative work), IU hates Mondays.

iu gq 4


So, when does IU gain the new nickname “Nation’s One True Waifu”?

iu gq

Definitely Woman of the Year.

iu gq 2

On the real, that jacket is sweet.

iu gq 3

IU comin’ for Hyuna’s “Crazy” concept crown.



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