Selca Sunday Is Hashtag-Blessed Hashtag-Good

yoona taeyeon snsd

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, a weekly chronicle of the going-ons in K-Pop social media. In this week’s edition, SNSD went all out and brought out some friends with them. Without further ado:

Fei of miss A:

fei insta

Movie star.

Nana of After School:

nana after school insta

The many faces of flawless.

Seolhyun of AOA:

seolhyun aoa instagram

Nom nom nom.

Yura of Girl’s Day:

yura girls day instagram

The soul of an artist.

Hyemi of Nine Muses:

hyemi nine muses2343435


Dahye of BESTie:

dahye bestie instagram

All praise Based Dahye.

Lizzy of After School:

lizzy after school instagram

Soooooo, After School still exists, right?

Bora of SISTAR and Sunny of SNSD:

bora sunny

Stars orbiting stars.

Tiffany of SNSD and Hysoung of SECRET:

hyosung tiffany

I fully support HyoFany.

That’ll do it for this week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



  1. No. After school should be declared dead. Sad really.

    First Love is a tremendous song.

    1. After School is dead, long live Orange Caramel.

    2. They must be paying something to the members of After School that aren’t named UEE, Nana, Raina, or Lizzy, or those four are using their earnings to pay something to the other three. Obviously those four have kept relatively busy over the last several years. I did see that After School spent some of late 2014 promoting their album in Japan, but two years without a release in Korea seems awfully long. Of course Pledis isn’t a big company and debuting a new boy band with an assload of members, Seventeen, maybe is using up all of their resources. Fortunately that group had a relatively good debut, so maybe that put enough into the company’s coffers to do an After School comeback. Though I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  2. Lot of pretty girls. But I have to bow down to Yura’s talents.

  3. Slightly OT but Di for WW! She’s so pretty with long hair in this comeback.

  4. Di from Rania for WW!

  5. Tiffany and Hyosung. I wasn’t aware they were close, though judging by the same shade of pink lipstick and the pink clothes maybe it was a meeting of the pink fan club. Regardless being around the two of them would be a lot of gummy smiles and eye smiles.

    It’s nice that despite Sistar and SNSD both being top tier groups that they actually seem to get along quite well. Seohyun and Soyu are relatively close and Bora seems to hang out with SNSD almost as much as with her own group.

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