Nine Muses’ MV Teaser For “Can’t Sleep, Am Hungry” Looks Great, Sounds Better


Another day, another teaser for Nine Muses’ upcoming November comeback, the universally empathetically titled “Can’t Sleep, Am Hungry.”

And if this teaser is representative for what Nine Muses and producer Brave Brothers has in store for the world come November 24th, this may be Christmas come early.

Yes, the members looks amazing and the whole idea of Nine Muses at Nite is the exact sort of amorphous non-concept that the group has perfected over the past few years. However, the real treat of this snippet has to be the Brave Brothers production that lends a slower, sultry sound that Nine Muses has never come close to touching with their previous singles. While Brave Brothers’ faster dance pop tunes are usually pretty hit-or-miss for me, his more somber, piano-driven beats are usually fairly good and can be absolutely fantastic.

So, yeah. This better not be a “Gotcha” tease or I am going to be Very Upset. Nine Muses plus a Sad Brave Brothers should be very formidable indeed.




  1. have you heard of the album preview? title tracks seems formidable, likewise with “secret”

  2. Head to your local Korean language newsstand now to get your copy.

    1. that is one hot women. Wow

      1. Agreed. I need to see the rest of this spread.

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