Waifu Wednesday: Hyerin

hyerin exid 3243425463

Seo Hye Rin (better known as Hyerin) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a lead vocalist in K-Pop group EXID.

Hyerin’s journey to becoming a member of EXID may not have been as long and winding as Solji – EXID’s main vocalist who joined the group at the same time as Hyerin – but it was not without a setback or two. While she was originally considered for a spot in EXID, Hyerin was dropped from consideration from the group at first. It was only after Yuji and Dami left EXID soon after the group’s debut that Hyerin (and Solji) were added to the EXID fold and the group would be all the better for it. Alongside Solji, Hyerin is one of EXID’s strongest singers and she’s as cute as a button which is more than enough to celebrate her in this weekly spot. Let’s do this.


Hyerin is so cute that puppies Google image search her in their spare time.

hyerin exid 323545757

Would dive off the deep end of the ocean for her.

Hyerin is so talented that she can turn gold into bronze into gold again.

hyerin exid 7687976979

The cutest struggle-smile.

Hyerin is so pretty that galactic tourist maps list her as a must-see attraction.

hyerin exid 345645657678

The chic is through the roof.

Hyerin’s smile is considered to be one of the mythical signs of all great prophecies.

hyerin exid 5435345

The physical embodiment of smiling-face-emoji.

Hyerin is so perfect that she’s the same exact person in every alternate universe.

hyerin exid 23323434324

Side-eye gets 11/10.





  1. How do you come up with these awesome compliments week after week? Hani will always be my favorite in EXID, but Hyerin is a close second. ❤

  2. Cute and talented!

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