EXID’s “Hot Pink” Teasers Have Hani In A Latex Suit And Junghwa In A Tub Of Lube


With their “Hot Pink” comeback happening on November 18th, EXID has dropped a couple individual video teasers for  the group’s maknae Junghwa and the group’s everything Hani.

While the two teasers use vastly different music, one can’t help but see a similar theme emerging from the teasers (My years of intuition and critical eye tell me that theme is sex):

Here is Junghwa’s:

And here is Hani’s:

Of the two teasers, Hani’s beat is better (that bell run is absolute fire) but the visuals lack the imaginative impact of Junghwa’s. Hani somehow rocking that green hair in a full-body latex suit? Nice, but a bit too on-the-nose.

Junghwa literally bathing in an underground bathhouse filled with hot pink lube? Delightfully and hilariously excessive.

I have no idea what to expect from “Hot Body” but I am so ready for it.


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