Nine Muses’ “Can’t Sleep, Am Hungry” Comeback Single Is Going To Be A Brave Brothers Production


We’re a couple of weeks from the release of Nine Muses’ new apparently insomnia-themed mini-album Lost (’til the night is over) and the group further teased their latest comeback with the album’s track list and credits.


Dat hair is literally perfect.

And for non-Korean speakers:

  1. a.m. 3:00
  2. Can’t Sleep, Am Hungry (title – by Brave Brothers)
  3. Secret (co-written by Euaerin)
  4. Koong Chit Dak Chit (rap by Euaerin)
  5. To.? (written by Nine Muses)
  6. Can’t Sleep, Am Hungry (Instrumental)

Yes, everyone’s ubiquitous K-Pop production team is going to be behind the single for Nine Muses’ latest comeback. While Brave Brothers can be pretty hit or miss (and I think he’s missed more than he’s hit in the past couple of years), he performed fairly well with Hello Venus’ “Wiggle Wiggle” and alright with AOA’s “Heart Attack” (while the Brave Sound failed T-ara with the aimlessly noisy “So Crazy” ) so I’m cautiously optimistic about this. We’re hitting the winter months, and that should jibe well with a slower, sultrier sound that is Brave Brothers’ true bread and butter (SISTAR’s “Alone,” After School’s “Because of You” and Son Dam Bi’s “Dripping Tears” are some of the best examples of Brave Brothers being at the top of his game).

As for the rest of the tracks, I’m intrigued by “To.?” which is somehow co-written by all the members in NIne Muses AND has a title with two punctuation marks right next to each other. What an enigma.

Is it November 24th yet?



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    I think So Crazy is one of T-ara’s best songs. Really. And I pretty much like everything he’s written for AoA. So I’m going to have to just go ahead and disagree with mostly missing. I still ain’t like any of Sistar’s songs, but other than that I think I can call myself a BB fanboy.

    1. Can’t agree on “So Crazy” but I tend to agree about Brave Brothers being fairly solid outside of whenever he touches 4Minute for whatever reason.

  2. I like ‘So Crazy’ too. Not one of T-ara’s best—that would have to be an EDM—but it’s a jolly good ditty. Didn’t like Brave Brothers’ collaboration with 4minute much, but I thought ‘Is It Poppin?’ was rather good.
    I hope Nine Muses gets a catchy tune for their release (and their money’s worth). It’s been a long while since they had a hit and I think they could really do with one before they drop out of most people’s consciousness.

  3. Alone is not composed by Brave brothers. It is composed by Duble sidekick.

    1. My memory and Wiki says otherwise ( Got a link?

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