Waifu Wednesday: Nayeon


Im Na-yeon (better known by her stage name Nayeon) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a lead vocalist in JYP’s great rookie hope Twice.

Granted, Twice debuted about four months ago, so it’s not like they’ve had all the time in the world to make their mark on the K-Pop world. However, Nayeon’s debut has been a long time coming. The vocalist was supposed to be a part of JYP’s planned 2014 group “Six Mix” but after that group fell through, Nayeon would have to wait another year and participate in JYP’s vanity project reality show SIXTEEN before finally making her debut.

Let’s just say that Nayeon is well-prepared for this and her future in K-Pop seems to be very, very bright.


Nayeon’s smile can stop bullets in their tracks.

Rock star status.

Rock star status.

Nayeon is so amazing that physicists have already started vigorously studying her as a phenomena.

Amazingly, the camera didn't melt right then and there.

Amazingly, the camera didn’t melt right then and there.

Nayeon may have multiplied loaves of bread in a past life.

Welcome the future world leader.

Welcome the future world leader.

Nayeon’s star is brighter than a cluster of supernovas.

Blinded by greatness.

Blinded by greatness.

Nayeon’s brilliance wrecks every single grading curve.

Get rekt.

Get rekt.


screaming jd



  1. I have really been enjoying that video. It’s probably the first time I have seen a crazily large girl group which draws obvious comparisons due to its size to a certain other very large and very successful girl group which debuted back in 2007. It’s hard to say whether JYP can keep the wind at this group’s back, but they certainly have had a very good start. It has to be tough for these impossibly large girl groups as the comparisons with that other girl group are not always fair. No matter what they do they are often going to get called imitators or held up to an unfair standard. Hopefully things will turn out well for this group though. There seems to be something about them that is very cute and dorky, but also very sexy at the same time without seeming to try and beat you over the head with the sexy.

    1. I think they’ve did really well on their debut. Wasn’t too cute or too creepy. I could see them getting fairly popular as I get some definite AOA vibes from them.

      1. The hard part for any group, but especially one that will draw inevitable comparisons is to avoid that dud or underwhelming single and never lose momentum. It’s why there are so few top tier girl groups in that SNSD, Sistar, and 2NE1 are the only groups that once they started dropping #1 singles have continued to drop nothing but #1 singles. Some may have not been as good as past work or maybe weren’t as good as something on the market at the same time from someone else that maybe deserved a #1 more, but still those groups just keep pumping out successful songs where many of their contemporaries stumble as they get close to that status or can’t maintain that status once they get there. Yes, there is a bit of AOA vibe to them, but maybe because many members are still minors or personality you don’t have as much sexual intensity as AOA does, and they seem to exude a bit of that endearing SNSD dorkiness. Clearly Momo knows how to work it and doesn’t seem shy about it (She makes me think of Miu from the dance group Waveya). One thing also strikes me in the video. Their member Sana is strongly reminding me of someone with her cuteness, but I just can’t place who it is she is reminding me of. Maybe it is an amalgam of members of various girl groups acting cute and not a specific person, but I would swear there is something about her acting in the video that reminds me a of specific person, but I can’t put my finger on it.

  2. Is she old enough to be considered sexy, or is she just cute? Don’t want to get mired in controversy like IU.

    1. Not. Touching. That. (Haha, the IU thing is so stupid and I can’t believe it blew up to the proportions that it did. No, wait. I can totally believe that it did.”)

    2. She’s 20, so you are likely okay, but you must be careful as three members are under 18.

      1. Nobody ogle the fetuses please.

  3. It’s SO refreshing to see an idol with natural teeth. Imagine how much cuter Suzy would be if she hadn’t gotten veneers.

  4. She’s very cute and between her and Jihyo, they appear to be carrying the group vocally

  5. I heard she’s the oldest of her group, but she’s so cute I like to think of her as a giant maknae.

    1. Yep, she is he oldest member at I think 21 years old. The Taiwanese maknae, Tzuyu, is 17 and may be the most attractive member of the group (See Below).

      1. Conclusive evidence. Thank you.
        btw media play going on about Tzuyu being the next Suzy, or at least the next Seolhyun. Girl has fans.

      2. Yes, I had seen that too. It’s not surprising she has fans. She’s obviously gorgeous and from a fancam I saw of one of their performances she has what Koreans would call a “glamourous” figure, which will earn her fans too. Being at JYP the Suzy comparisons are going to be common. A key for her will be to definitively establish herself as her own person and not simply be a Suzy clone or a clone of some other group’s “it” girl. Her biggest hurdle will likely be how good her Korean is at this point. Though, that may not matter if she quickly builds a lot of fans in China as there is likely as much if not more money to be made there as in Korea.

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