T-ara’s Hyomin Hints That She’ll Be Having A (Hopefully Better) Solo Comeback This Winter


Last week, T-ara’s resident aspiring pitcher and overall angel of heaven Hyomin strongly suggested that she would be dropping a new solo project fairly soon with this trollingly vague post to her Instagram.

The caption reads, “last summer, this winter.” Of course, last summer marked the time that Hyomin released her first solo work “Nice Body,” a music video that featured a few great visuals and one flaming turd of a concept (It certainly didn’t help that Hyomin’s “Nice Body” dropped only one month after Jiyeon’s own vastly superior solo debut).

This gif should suffice in summing up everything one needs to know about "Nice Body."

This gif should suffice in summing up everything one needs to know about “Nice Body.”

Hyomin had previously stated that she had a solo album in the works during an episode of T-ara vs. DIA Midnight Cooking Competition but this gives the awaiting public a more concrete timeline as to when to expect Hyomin’s assured redemption. The good news is that whatever she has in store can’t be much worse than her debut (Yes, I really, really did not like “Nice Body” at all).



  1. This girl could sing with a mouth full of dirt, and I would still stare and drool.

  2. Alim Muhammad · · Reply


  3. I was really surprised to hear about this. Until I remembered she had actually already had a solo which somehow I blacked out. That ass gif was nice tho.

    Btw, when will Soyeon ever get a solo. Justice for the best resting bitch face Queen Soyeon!

    1. It’s easy to forget “Nice Body” because it was bad. I agree about Soyeon. A solo for her is long overdue.

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