YouTube Weirdly Blocks People From Viewing SNSD’s 100+ Million View “Gee” Claiming Copyright Violation


Those who wished to watch SNSD’s tortuously catchy hit song and tribute to dancing crabs “Gee” on YouTube may have been greeted with this rather puzzling sight if they tried to access the one with over 100 million views.

Womp womp.

Womp womp.

Yes, it appears that YouTube has gone and removed SNSD’s most viewed music video from its site. Fans of the painfully cute plague upon K-Pop can still watch the video under SMTOWN’s YouTube channel, although that one currently sits at less than 900,000 views. The video that had over 100,000,000 views was under SM Entertainment’s old YouTube channel, sment.

There are many duplicate music videos uploaded to both channels, however “Gee” seems to be the only video that has been removed.

For instance, here’s SNSD’s much better single, “Hoot” on sment.

And here it is on SMTOWN:

While there is some speculation that the recent implementation of YouTube Red has something to do with this because content creators who don’t agree to YouTube Red’s revenue sharing model will have their videos removed from public view, YouTube’s new content agreement doesn’t explain the removal of a single video (Never mind the fact that I can’t seem to find a source that says if SM Entertainment has or has not agreed to use YouTube’s new service). ESPN declined to sign onto YouTube Red because of previous subscription-based agreements that it already had in place and that understandably led to their entire library being removed, not individual clips.

espn youtube

So, the reasons for “Gee’s” removal remains a mystery. The video retains some symbolic importance for K-Pop fans because it was the first K-Pop music video to eclipse 100 million views. If you’re in mourning over this piece of trivia being lost to YouTube space and time (for now), enjoy the only official upload of “Gee” in all of its 900,000 view count glory. (Or don’t because it’s literally a very annoying song #myhottake.)



  1. Are you referring to this one?

    If it doesn’t work, should be able to cut and paste. This one says 149,469,495

    1. Yup, it was put back up.

  2. Not surprising, Kpooop is always ripping off american and other music. It’s just like so many things in korea… even imported or COPIED…. almost NOTHING is original in korea

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