Praise Be To Eternal Dancing Ponies Everywhere, Psy Is Dropping A New Album Soon


It’s been a good three years since he last released an album, so it’s welcomed news to learn that walking-talking-gif and mandatory guest on any I Loved The 2012’s documentary Psy will be releasing an album next month.

The man himself announced the news via Twitter on Monday.

Psy became a global phenomena in 2012 thanks to the ubiquitous “Gangnam Style.” His next two singles predictably tried to copy some of the same manic energy and humor of “Gangnam Style” but both “Gentleman” and “Hangover” were a bit of a mess and they understandably failed to generate the magic that made “Gangnam Style” the most watched YouTube video of all time. (Although it should be noted that “Gentleman” peaked at #5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 while “Hangover” peaked at #26 on the same chart so it is not like those two tracks outright flopped either.) Psy also (much more quietly) released “Father” this year, a track that sounds better than either “Gentleman” or “Hangover” but one that didn’t gain any traction on the charts.

Thankfully, it seems that Psy is done trying to strike viral gold again and his next album will feature music that is more in line with his own tastes and expectations, rather than those that “Gangnam Style” created for him.

Per Soompi:

Previously in July, when he was talking about his future comeback, he had confessed at his concert that he hopes to forget that he was ever a world star, and that he’ll be able to release a very PSY-like song.

Close sources said, “He wrote a song that he is happy with, and that feels like PSY. He plans to release it in Korea first.”

That’s a relief. Trying to recreate “Gangnam Style’s” success was always going to be a fool’s errand because internet virality on the scale of “Gangnam Style” is entirely outside the control of artists and whatever publicists they hire. Plus, pre-“Gangnam Style” Psy is pretty damn good.


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