Brown Eyed Girls Release MV Teaser For, And This Is Real, “Warm Hole”

brown eyed girls warm hole

With their Basic album dropping this week, the Brown Eyed Girls have released the music video teaser for… “Warm Hole”.

The awesome, soulful retro sound that is propelled by that resounding church organ would be enough to celebrate on its own but, no, the Brown Eyed Girls had to go the extra mile and make the most cleverly obvious ode to, well, the warm hole.

First, there’s the tongue-in-cheek plausible deniability. Looking at comment sections and the Google translation for the title of the song, it can be translated as either “warm hole” or “wormhole” which, while sounding similar, are about as different as a basic part of human anatomy and a feature of the spacetime continuum. Adding to the delightful vagueness of what the title is referring to, THERE’S A LITERAL “WORM HOLE” IN THE TEASER.

However, while a song about theoretical physics from the Brown Eyed Girls sounds amazing, evidence that the group is referring to some sort of warm hole simply seems stronger. There’s the fact that the teaser makes repeated references to a “fire in the hole.” There’s the fact that the Brown Eyed Girls’ official YouTube account has gone with “Warm Hole” over “Wormhole.” There’s the fact that this is BEG we’re talking about. There’s this shot that closes the teaser.

The title most likely refers to a vagina is what I’m saying.



  1. No, it can’t mean vagina ‘cos ‘warmhole’ isn’t on the list!

  2. I don’t think you want to stick anything you are afraid of losing in that bottom frame. That appears to be a blender. Ouch!

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