Someone, Please Get Apink’s Manager An Audition Posthaste

apink manager123123

It’s the Friday before Halloween, so here’s a lighthearted post for a weekend that will likely be filled with way too many sugar-highs and hangovers.

Uploaded on October 29th, some soul was kind enough to post this video of Apink practicing “Remember” with their manager taking the spot of Eunji, who was busy filming her role for “Sassy Go Go.”

Considering that his job requirements most certainly don’t include “learning the choreography of his tasked group’s performances,” I’d say that Apink’s manager does a surprisingly great job filling in for Eunji.

He never looks completely lost and he pretty much owns the entire rehearsal with this move here:

My god, that finger twirl. That finger twirl is my everything. He somehow out-twirled the very group who has spent the last half year perfecting that very move. If it was possible to bottle and sell the swag of that move, it would change life on this planet as we know it.

Manager oppa is my new Apink bias.

With that, Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe.


One comment

  1. You know, when you watch shows like Infinity Challenge, Family Outing, Running Man, etc. you realize that a lot of entertainers you would never expect would know those dance moves actually know them and can do them well, so they clearly have been doing them somewhere. There must be some cultural thing that when Koreans go out to get their drink on and hit the karaoke bars not only do they have to sing, but they have to do the choreography. Maybe the manager has to at least be able to do his own group’s choreography well when he goes to bars with his friends or he would be embarrassed.

    Now a real challenge would be seeing Sistar’s manager doing their choreography. That would be impressive as they have some pretty hard choreography that even other girl groups struggle with when they do a rehearsed cover of a Sistar hit for a music show and that is often with lip synching, but when Sistar does the choreo of other groups they usually nail it and can actually sing the song as well.

    How much pornographic YoonYul fan fic do you think hit the net yesterday when those pictures of Yuri as Mickey and Yoona as Minnie hit the web. It makes me think of that footage of the two of them doing the promotional stills together for “Hoot” and they were looking at each other about as lustily as one could without actually ending up in bed (Acting though and clearly being directed by the photographer). Still, ooftah!

    By the way, Yuri appears to be taking the bust of that costume to its limits. Did she borrow Sunny’s or Seohyun’s rack for the evening. Just kidding Yuri has a nice rack too.

    Finally, first Seohyun plays an amoral character like Scarlett O’Hara, and now she is Malificent for Halloween. I am detecting a trend that Seohyun wants to be a bad girl…lol. Next she will be unmasked as being a Lord of the Sith using a facade of sweetness and duty to take over both Koreas.

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