Brown Eyed Girls MV Teaser For “Time Of Ice Cream” Is Here And I’m Melting

brown eyed girls time of ice cream

I am still not sure what the hell the Brown Eyed Girls’ overall concept is for Basic and their music video teaser for “Time of Ice Cream” is not helping matters.

Why does the music sound so happy when each member of BEG looks like they are ready to slaughter gangs outside their apartment complex? Why does Narsha slyly shove Ga-In to the side like an unwelcomed dish at a restaurant? Why is Miryo so much damn happier than anyone else to be in that elevator? Who or what is JeA posing for? Why does Ga-In have the look of a woman who has made a terrible, terrible mistake?

I can't stop looking at JeA's hair though.

I can’t stop looking at JeA’s hair though.

What kind of sorcery allows them to simply vanish from their flats/apartment/complex-from-heaven?

These are the questions that will haunt us all until the music video is released. At least the track sounds very, very promising. No matter what mysteries BEG throws at the world, one can always rest assured that the music will be quality.



  1. As has been mentioned before here, you can’t trust a teaser. But I will say this one is lame. It’s sickly bouncy. Hopefully this teaser will be like so many others; nothing like the song. I’m looking forward to BEG’s comeback, and I hope its something where the sun blows up.

  2. Jesse Ray · · Reply

    it is not for mere mortals such as us to second-guess the motives and actions of JeA, MiRyo, Narsha, and GaIn

    our role is to worship

  3. Track list for new album. Interesting concept. Looking forward to hearing this.

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