Brown Eyed Girls Release Two Wildly Different Sets Of Teasers


The Brown Eyed Girls are coming back in early November with “Basic” to slay all of K-Pop music EARTH and the group has gotten the hype started with a couple sets of teasers that don’t seem to be teasing a single concept at all.

First, there’s these sexy/chic/badass/edgy (which, to be fair, are accurate descriptors of BEG in general) teasers that the group could execute in its sleep.

Ga-In's hair is everything.

Ga-In’s hair is everything.

I can't tell if I love or hate that dye job.

I can’t tell if I love or hate that dye job.

BEG now, BEG forever.

BEG now, BEG forever.

Dat jacket tho.

Dat jacket tho.

Then there’s these… teasers which looks like some sort of cross between a milk bath and those holographic trading cards and comic covers that were all the rage during the 90’s.

Shit's crazy, yo.

Shit’s crazy, yo.

I have no idea what’s going on but I’ll probably love it because the Brown Eyed Girls haven’t put out a bad single since… ever? I welcome our future holographic badass overlords.



  1. Yep, looking forward to what they release. Fortunately this groups seems like one that even if the members started getting married and having families they would probably keep recording dropping an album every few years, so they will hopefully be around quite a while longer. I think a key is that while Ga-In has had success as a solo artist it hasn’t been the kind of success that makes someone just move on from their group.

  2. Interesting song titles released today for their LP. It looks like a science fiction theme. It would be kind of cool if they did an album that was a classic sci-fi theme like Rush’s 21/12.

    1. As if they’ve got a song called God Particle, that’s so rad. Science themed (not sci-fi) kpop is in theory the best kind of kpop.

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