Waifu Wednesday: Momo

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Hirai Momo (better known by her stage name Momo) is a Japanese K-Pop idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a main dancer in JYP Entertainment freshly debuted rookie group TWICE.

TWICE has been officially been active for all of a hot millisecond so there isn’t much that can be made of Momo, aside from her appearances in JYP’s reality show that culminated in the making of TWICE, her ruthless dance skills and her ability to make a retro Michael Jordan tank top look really, really good.

There aren’t that many photos of Momo rocking out for TWICE yet, but it seemed that that fact didn’t matter to some of you and it certainly doesn’t matter to me. Momo 4 President of Everything, may her future reign be as flawless as her debut.


Momo is so transfixing that she is a leading cause of whiplash in heaven.

Jordan has never been represented so well.

Jordan has never been represented so well.

Momo is so pretty that sunsets commission paintings of her.

Your obligatory non-MJ outfit.

Your obligatory non-MJ outfit.

Momo is the culmination of every #goal post on the internet.

Abs tho.

Abs tho.

Momo can dance like Midas can make gold.

JYP chose well.

JYP chose well.

Momo’s hotness is a life-giving force in distant galaxies.


waterfalls of tears



  1. Loved Momo since Sixteen, she was one of my faves. I’m glad that the majority of my faves made it into this group. Hopefully the JYP team can find them their signature sound, I would love for them to end up moving up in the girl group ranks in the future.

  2. So is she kind of like a sexed-up Hyoyeon of this newly debuting nine member outfit? I sometimes wonder what SNSD would be like if you took a trip in Mr Peabody’s Way-Back Machine and went back to the year 2007 grabbed SNSD and made them debut in 2013 with NineMuses “Wild.” Would Hyoyeon been more of a star doing sexy dance moves as lead dancer for instance?

    Is it pretty uncommon for Japanese to come to Korea to be trainees versus say Chinese? It seems there are a fair amount of Chinese in K-pop and some have become pretty popular like Fei, Victoria, and Amber (Although she is technically Chinese-American), but RiSe formerly of Ladies Code is about the only Japanese K-pop idol I know of. I wonder if anti-Japanese sentiment in Korea is strong enough that it makes some Japanese think twice about going there even if it was a good training opportunity because it would be hard to be a big star there if you were Japanese. I know I have read there has been some backlash in Japan against K-pop group infiltration of their music charts, but it seems that is probably just a loud minority based on chart success and concert sales of K-pop groups in Japan.

    Side note: Still makes me sad what happened to Ladies’ Code’s RiSe and EunB and I hope the surviving three return to work someday if they ever get over the trauma. That must still be very hard on them every time they get into a van together, or go to the rehearsal studio. At least their company seems to have handled the situation well and not forced them back out there even though as a small company this probably has really hurt the company financially.

    1. RiSe was a Zainichi Korean, so she was still 100% Korean by blood.

    2. Well, Takuya of Cross Gene is another Japanese (also ethnically) working in K-pop and he is pretty popular in Korea now, partially due to his appearance on Non-Summit/Abnormal Summit and playing a lead role in the drama “The Lover”. Actress Fuji Mina, although not an idol, is also quite popular in Korean entertainment.

      I don’t think it’s due to lingering anti-Japanese sentiment that relatively fewer Japanese come to Korea to be K-pop idols. Rather than that, I think it’s because the segment of the Japanese music market that is most visible is more diverse than Korea’s, allowing for bands and artists like One Ok Rock, AKB48 and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to peacefully coexist without being each other’s direct competition. This would make it easier to debut in Japan than in Korea, where groups and artists are constantly pitted against each other by fans and by their companies.

  3. Worth reposting.

  4. She’s awesome. I actually cried when I saw her get eliminated. She’s too much awesome to give up.

    My top 3 in Twice are Sana, Dahyun, and Momo however all of thr group is stanworthy!

  5. I’ve been playing catch up on TWICE and Sixteen and I must applaud JYP for adding Momo after she was eliminated from the competition. I think she brings a lot to the group and of course, JYP adding doe-eyed-visual Tzuyu (and expanding the group size) was also another extremely shrewd decision, judging by how many viewer votes Tzuyu garnered. But something tells me JYP already decided early on during Ep1 to put Tzuyu in the final lineup.

    Creepiest uncle-fan smile ever, and only slightly worse then his Skoolooks photo was Tzuyu.

  6. Vote 4 Nayeon.

  7. the second pic (the one with the balloon) looks like SPICA’s jwon. god i miss spica. hold my tears.

  8. Venser · · Reply

    Blonde jaekyung that is all.

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