Starship Entertainment Apologizes For Soyu’s Supposed Poor Attitude (That Was Due To Her Working With A Bad Back And A Flu)


In the latest example of K-Pop Label Completely Misses The Point, Starship Entertainment recently apologized to fans of SISTAR for Soyu’s reported “bad attitude” at a recent fan event.

So, what did Soyu do that was so bad? Did she flip someone off? Did she spit on someone? Did she don a “Make America Great Again” cap and call everyone in attendance huge losers?


According to reports, Soyu wasn’t smiling, and she seemed to not be having a good time.

Oh. Hmmmm, why in the world would Soyu not be smiling I wonder.

SISTAR’s agency stated, “Soyu’s condition wasn’t good after she hurt her back at a concert. She’s receiving treatment and completing her schedule, but her condition even worsened as she’s suffering from the flu. We apologize that she wasn’t able to show a good image to her fans at the fan signing today. We plan to minimize her schedule from now on.”

Bless merciful Starship Entertainment for belatedly limiting Soyu’s schedule after forcing her to work with a back injury AND a flu. Clearly, the fans are the ones who deserve an apology, not Soyu for being put in that position in the first place.

Soyu has apparently been dealing with her injury for weeks. If it were me, I wouldn’t be smiling much either (because, if nothing else, SISTAR choreography definitely requires an injury-free lower back).


One comment

  1. Soyu barely cracks a smile usually so when she sulks, it must have looked doubly bad. That’s K-Pop for you. Where performing with a fracture and collapsing on stage from fatigue are par for the course.

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