IU’s Teasers For “The Shower” And “Shoes” Deliver Plenty Of Promise And Only One Horrifying Moment

iu shoes

Over the past few days, Nation’s Perpetual Little Sister IU has released two music video teasers for her upcoming CHAT-SHIRE mini-album.

The first, which is more or less one long, slightly uncomfortably closeup shot of IU’s face, is entitled “The Shower,” although it would be more accurate to call it “The Light Drizzle.”

In typical IU fashion, the teaser is basically the aural equivalent of a Disney theme park, sweet, eerily polished and timeless in a way that doesn’t ever seem dated. I’m pretty sure that an angel gets its wings every time someone double-tracks IU to a laid-back breezy coffee house beat.

Then there is the teaser for “Shoes,”  a more upbeat track with a little uplifting Motown-esque soul to call its own.

While the teaser sounds great (I’m a sucker for swirling strings and warm bass), the childlike imagery that sparsely occupies the teaser is on the unsettling side. Why is IU stuck on a wooden platform in a black abyss? Where does she go when she clicks her red heels together like Dorothy? Most importantly…


Personal hangups about possessed doll hands aside, these do look very promising. CHAT-SHIRE releases on October 23rd. Until then, please keep an eye out for any stray doll hands that may or may not want to possess your soul.



  1. No lie I saw little hands for sale at Urban Outfitters just today. Now I found them on Amazon:

    It’s a thing. It’s a thing you can buy.

    1. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!

      1. Relax, at least she didn’t go with these. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51JhfQ2Ey3L._SL1001_.jpg
        Also available from Amazon, for all your tiny hand fetishes.

  2. Cute girl. But her music is an acquired taste.

  3. IU was one of my early K-pop discoveries when I first stumbled onto it back in the fall of 2012. I was floored by the production value of her video U&I and really enjoyed it. She’s part of why I stuck around and dug into it more. I think some of IUs music is a bit of a compromise of not being so edgy as to turn off older record buyers, but edgy and pop-ish enough to appeal to a younger audience. I do get some sense that she and her label are slowly trying to move her past the Nation’s Little Sister image as that becomes a curse the older you get as it puts you in a gilded cage. An example would be all the blowback she got over that photo of her and Eunhyuk. She was going to catch hell from SuJu fans regardless, but she also got slammed because a Nation’s Little Sister doesn’t date let alone take intimate photos with guys. As she gets older that title is a yoke around here neck much as the Nation’s First Love title is increasingly a yoke for Suzy. However at least she is not going the stupid route to shed it like Miley Cyrus with outrageous publicity stunts that really just show off one’s immaturity more than their increasing maturity. If she keeps putting out music that gradually becomes more adult and garners critical acclaim and not just commercial success, she will make that transition to an adult artist.

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