Waifu Wednesday: Woolim

woolim ww playback

Hwang Woo Lim, better known as Woolim, is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the main vocalist, maknae and leader of rookie K-Pop group Playback.

It’s rare to find a maknae who is both the leader and the main vocalist of their group but Woolim definitely has the talent and the charisma to confidently carry both titles. Before Playback even debuted, Woolim was able to wow people on Mnet’s I See Your Voice with her own rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Problem.”

A three year trainee under JYP Entertainment, Woolim’s winning smile and impressive vocal range will (hopefully) be something to behold for a long time to come. The maknae has all the star power of a much more seasoned veteran. Make no mistake, the girl has power and finesse.


Woolim is so talented that Chuck Norris is envious of her roundhouse kick.

The maknae reigns supreme.

The maknae reigns supreme.

Woolim is so magical that unicorns tell bedtime stories about her.

A good selca.

A good selca.

Woolim is so pretty that she’s the best part of a mirror’s day.

The peace sign is a popular go-to I guess.

The peace sign is a popular go-to I guess.

Woolim is so flawless that angels aspire to be her.

Very popular.

Very popular.

Woolim’s talents are so all encompassing that they can barely be contained by this dimension.

Playback supremacy.

Playback supremacy.

And with that, Playback has been completely Waifu Wednesday’d. Now, to look for someone to feature next week…



  1. Nice work. She is definitely worthy.

  2. I think it’s apparent from Playback’s latest single MV who to attribute their vocals to.

    FWIW, I think this is better than their debut single.

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