G.NA Would Like A Five Girls Reunion So Someone Should Make It Happen


G.NA wants the Best-Girl-Group-That-Never-Was Five Girls to do some sort of collaboration, a stance which is very agreeable and probably too good for this timeline.

The solo artist mentioned in a photo shoot for bnt International that watching Yubin on “Unpretty Rapstar” had boosted her interest in a Five Girls reunion.

“I always wished to collaborate with the Five Girls members [Hyosung, Uee, Yubin, Jiwon, G.NA], and watching Yubin on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ has made me even more eager for it,” she added.

The most amazing thing about the Five Girls lineup is that every member was still able to go out and find relative success within the industry. Uee became a part of After School and has been in umpteen pictorials since then. Hyosung became an integral part of SECRET. Of course, Yubin went on to slay everything in front of her for the Wonder Girls. Even Jiwon eventually found a group to call her own in SPICA (#SomeonePleaseFindSPICAIThinkTheyHaveBeenMisplacedSomewhere). Hell, it might be one of the rare times where a group’s misfortune (Five Girls’ nickname was “The Unlucky Group” after the group disbanded after filming a reality show about themselves for their planned debut) ended up being extremely fortunate for all involved.

Still, a reunion is enticing because, holy hell, that’s a stacked roster of K-Pop talent right there. The quintet may lack a standout main vocalist (with Jiwon probably being the best bet), but a hypothetical reunion would be so good for so many reasons.



g.na nylon 1

uee flashback after school


Granted, it will probably never happen because of the ridiculous grind of K-Pop schedules and presumably iron-clad label contracts, but if the Powers That Be can make Dazzling Red happen, there’s always hope, right? RIGHT?!?!?!



  1. Those Color of K-pop groups were connected to some kind of charity connected with one of the network’s end of the year K-pop shows if I remember right. About the only way you get companies to cough up their artists is if it is a charity. At least the good news is that none of the people in the five mentioned are in a top girl group (At least not anymore), so it is more likely than if they were A-listers like Hyorin, Taeyeon, Hyuna, etc.

    I had not realized that G.Na had been around the K-pop scene that long. What company was that group with? Was it some small operation that ran out of cash before debut, or was it at least an average company and they realized that there was something lacking in the group at the last minute and it was too late to postpone their debut? I can’t find much out there about them, which figures since they disbanded before even debuting and that was several years before K-pop really even registered in the English-speaking world for someone to have written about it.

    1. The company was called Good Entertainment (talk about an uncreative name), and they couldn’t debut the group because of financial problems. It doesn’s seem like they were a very big company, but Shinhwa was signed to them after leaving SM. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_Entertainment

      1. Thanks. Sounds like a classic case of a label that was probably founded by a guy who knew a bit about composing or producing, but was seriously under-capitalized, or didn’t understand the business side of the music biz enough to keep things going. It’s a bit like people that think they can really DJ because they can mix some music on their PC that their friends like, but don’t realize there is a lot more to it than that like booking gigs, financing equipment, managing employees, understanding cash flow, oh, and producing new material on a tight schedule rather than your leisure so your show stays fresh.

  2. Would love to see this happen.

    As an aside, what I don’t get though is how can these girls be that busy? I’ve read about the seemingly tough schedules these groups have to go through. But what are they doing? A lot of Kpop groups simply don’t produce that much music. I love Crayon Pop, but they have like four songs, and have been active since 2013. Look at Wonder Girls; they went three (3) years without making music. They can’t be that busy.

    1. True. I guess I was thinking about the times when these groups were/are promoting.

      1. I can see how busy some of the members of some of the top groups like SNSD or Sistar as nearly all of them are always busy with a shoot, variety gig, the group’s release promotions, MC gigs, etc., but even among those groups you have members like Hyoyeon, or Yuri that don’t seem all that busy except for the occasional magazine spread or commercial. I figure they also have a certain amount of company mandated practice time that cuts into their time some, but I doubt they are in the dance or voice studio 40 hours per week or more except when they are prepping for a promotion. The only thing I can figure that could occupy a lot of an idol’s time from some of the groups that aren’t top tier is they have to make an insane amount of appearances at corporate events, music festivals, civic events, etc. and do a lot of signings and store appearances we just don’t hear about as it isn’t really major news that say SPICA or Crayon Pop appeared at some new mall’s grand opening in Busan and performed two songs. However doing that could chew up a day or more of their time driving or taking the train or plane back and forth. Still that can’t be every day that they are booked like that I would think. A few of those five girls do some acting, so that ties them up for several months, but they aren’t high demand actresses that get maybe a week of downtime between 3 to 6 month long filming gigs. A few have had some variety gigs in the last year like G.Na, but those weren’t month’s long gigs for the most part. I wonder if the companies are kind of inefficient and just bring in their idols to record just to try out songs they bought with all their artists to see if it works for any of them.

  3. Nice pictorial by the way.

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