IU Unveils Teaser Image, Release Date For Next Project


IU, the Nation’s Little Sister, collector of indie-singer hearts and (oh yeah) fantastic solo singer, is set to drop her next mini-album entitled “CHAT-SHIRE” on October 23rd.

And while the name “CHAT-SHIRE” sounds a little like a cross between a bad social network and an AirBnB knockoff, it seems that the comeback’s concept will be centered around Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat of which “CHAT-SHIRE” undoubtedly used as an influence.


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The comeback will be IU’s first album release in years. In 2014, IU released A Flower Bookmark, which only kinda counts because it was comprised of cover songs of old K-Pop tunes. Of course, that didn’t stop that album’s lead singles from becoming hits because IU is a wizard songstress who has an entire planet under her melodious spell. One would have to go back to 2013 and Modern Times (with the amazing “The Red Shoes” comeback video) for the last time that IU released a studio album.

Basically, it’s time. Let the hype-train and celebrity-relationship-haterade commence.

(Hopefully, the comeback will mean IU will have a greater presence on social media to help promote this because her Instagram game, as infrequent as it is, is strong.)

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  1. It will be interesting to see what she does with this album. She’s one of the few artists that either is willing herself or her company is willing to experiment musically. After all, who would take a chance with their pop artist doing a swing and bossa nova influenced album and then follow it up with an album of covers of songs that were hits before she was even born.

    One thing I really like about IU and Loen is that they always do incredible videos where they don’t go cheap. Her videos are usually like little pieces of cinema rather than music videos. They make me think about the mid to late 80’s era MTV when music videos were still king and a lot of artists were making really elaborate music videos.

  2. Her videos are great. I just wish she’d do on occasional mainstream “hit”. MOST of her stuff is hard to really get into musically (like as in something you want to listen to in the car… get your blood up, rock-out, etc.)

  3. Example: Sera Ryu suffers the same thing.. she does the music SHE wants to do, & most of it is pretty melancholy. I’ve been wishing she’d so something more upbeat… & lo & behold here it is:

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