A Maxim Model Is Upset That IU Is Dating Jang Ki Ha

jung du ri (2)

IU’s agency recently confirmed that the Nation’s Little Sister is in a relationship with indie band member Jang Ki Ha and some people predictably lost their shit.

Loen’s stockholders went into a mini-tizzy over the news because… what would a stock market be without fluctuations based on the relationship status of a 22 year-old.

When news of their relationship was confirmed on October 8, Loen’s stock immediately went into red, the market value of the company decreasing a whopping 126.4 billion KRW (~$110.7 million USD). Further, compared to the previous closing price of 75,300 KRW (~$66 USD), Loen’s stock, which had risen 1,200 KRW (~$1.05 USD) ) to record a price of 76,500 KRW (~$67 USD), plummeted as soon as articles were released reporting IU’s relationship. The stock price, which had dropped as low as 72,000 KRW (~$63 USD), began falling even more steeply around 1:30pm on the same day, which was when IU herself admitted her relationship with Chang Kiha.

However, one person who seemed to take the news pretty hard was Maxim model Jung Du Ri, who took to Twitter to lament the fact that IU couldn’t do better or something.

 “IU, don’t be like that. Are you crazy?

Get ahold of yourself and meet someone like EXO. I plead you.” (this post has since been deleted.)

You’re a superior female in Korean society, so why in the world? First Sulli and now you. Have uncle fans put a tight corset on you?

Got the image of IU in a corset out of your head? I’ll wait.

Still waiting.


Leaving aside the fact that IU is a grown woman who can make her own decisions on who to date, the most hilarious thing about Jung Du Ri’s Tweets is that she recommends someone from EXO as a potential partner for IU. Yes, if anyone knows what it’s like to live in an environment where a private relationship can be nurtured and grow to its fullest potential, it’s EXO with its wonderfully supportive fan base full of reasonable individuals.

Still, the cynical side of me thinks that this had to be a media play, right? Girl jumps on the IU-relationship topic and then throws EXO into the mix to stir a thousand hornets’ nests at once? Yeah, that can’t be an accident.

Well played Jung Du Ri, Model Who I Now Know Exists.

For research purposes.

For research purposes.

Doing due diligence.

Doing due diligence.

Investigative blogging.

Investigative blogging.



  1. Okay, I still can’t get the image of IU in a corset out of my head. Thanks a lot. Now I am going to be a sexually frustrated uncle fan all night…even more than usual…lol.

    Why fans, especially Korean fans, can’t handle dating news with attractive, successful single people in their 20’s actually being interested in the opposite gender I will never figure out. Can you imagine how ape they would go if they had an artist that came out as bi or gay and was dating the same gender or both genders. It’s comical almost. I say almost as it is really sad the way many of these young idols can’t live anything close to a normal dating life without quitting the business it seems.

    It’s not really all that out of the ordinary for a woman in her early 20’s to date a guy in his early 30’s partly because most women in the early 20’s are light years ahead of guy their own age on the maturity scale, and guys in their 30’s usually are no longer living with their parents, have an income of their own, and have grown up quite a bit. My grandfather was 15 years older than my grandmother, so to me this just doesn’t seem that weird. As long as she is happy, no one should care, and she sounds like she really likes the guy.

    As for stock market implications, Korea, c’mon, are you serious? You let a 22 year old’s dating news cause you to panic sell stock?

    Damn, now I have a picture of IU wearing a corset and stockings stuck in my head.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think that the age gap is a big deal here.

      IU. Corset.

  2. If you’re looking for a Maxim model to stan, Jung Young Hyun is hotter.

    1. Will never turn down suggestions.

  3. Loen’s stocks have been failing in recent weeks so this might just be a coincidence:
    Nonetheless, I doubt the recent news will be doing Loen any favors for its index.

    Although the age gap does break the half-plus-seven rule, considering how the relationship’s seems serious enough that they make it public, I’m optimistic that things go well for them.

  4. Very shrewd of you to utilize a story about IU as an excuse to post pics of a Maxim model. Kudos!

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