Shambling Zombie Group KARA Has Three Of Its Members’ Contracts Expiring At The End Of The Year


Gyuri, Hara and Seungyeon (aka The Three Members of KARA That You Can Name With Ease) will have their contracts with DSP Media expire at the end of the year.

According to DSP, there have been no decision one way or the other as to whether re-sign the veteran members of their only success story.

“Excluding Heo Youngji, the exclusive contracts with the three members Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara will expire at the end of this year.

Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara signed a two-year contract renewal in October of 2013. Nothing has been decided yet as to whether they will renew their contracts at the end of this year. The members and agency is expected to make a decision after discussing.”

While KARA will always hold a special place in my shriveled heart for being one of the first groups to get me into the K-Pop genre but the group’s popularity plateaued years ago (in Korea. KARA still does respectably in Japan). The group’s last single “Cupid” was fine but it didn’t do much to light the world on fire saleswise (according to ~Wikipedia~ it was the KARA’s least downloaded single in the six years that that stat has been tracked). Gyuri and Seungyeon are 27, still young in real human years, but downright ancient in K-Pop time.

Hara is probably the most bankable of the remaining four members (and DSP did give Hara her own solo debut this year) and it would be easy to see DSP try its hardest to keep her given that the company (again) doesn’t have much else going for it.

Still, the fact that we’re two months away from Seungyeon, Gyuri and Hara’s contracts expiring, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a resolution happening soon, could mean that the lurching undead shadow of KARA’s greatness may finally be put to rest soon.* (To use past incidents as a guideline, DSP announced that Nicole wouldn’t be renewing her contract with the agency in… October of 2013 when her contract was set to expire in January of 2014.)

*Hopefully this doesn’t happen because I am ill-prepared for a Gyuri-free K-Pop World.



  1. Well, as far as I’m concerned their swan song was Damaged Lady. It also might be their best. Jumping was one of the first non-SNSD Kpop songs that I fell in love with, but I never liked Step all that much despite the butt dance. It will be sad to see them go, but they’ve earned a chance at having a normal life.

  2. Youngji is going to get the short end of this deal.

    1. Well at least she had a good run on the show Roommates and was well accepted by Kara fans. She got to be a part of a name brand group for over a year, which is more than most idols ever get. Hopefully she lands on her feet somehow, but sadly she may languish at DSP as a trainee again for years unless they let her out of her contract (Unlikely) or she buys out her remaining contract to start fresh someplace else (Only if her parents have money). There would almost certainly be companies that would be interested in her if she became a free agent as she wasn’t with Kara so long that she is inseparable from the group’s image and she showed some talent and gained some experience that many companies would value having in a rookie group they are forming up. She’d be a known quantity for variety producers looking to cast someone which is huge for any new girl group.

  3. Well the chances are that Gyuri or Seungyeon could latch on with another company, Hara too for that matter. God, would it be hilarious if they all went to B2M where Nicole is at, convinced Jiyoung to rejoin them and went on to have some success as a group under a new name. Take that DSP…lol. That likely wouldn’t happen as I can see DSP filing all sorts of lawsuits to stop that arguing copyright infringements and whatever else it could come up with. It could be that those three are playing hardball with DSP knowing they have DSP over the barrel a bit. DSP really has nothing other than Kara on their roster that makes money. DSP is so poorly run that I could see them thinking that making a release like this will pressure the current members into signing back up for a few more years. The person I feel bad for is Youngji, since if the older members don’t resign, she’s got nothing because DSP has already debuted their new girl group April and isn’t likely to add a seventh member and Rainbow doesn’t need an 8th member when DSP can’t even seem to remember they have a group called Rainbow under contract.

    Side Note: Since I brought up B2M, is it me or have things been kind of quiet from there. I think Nicole had some kind of Japanese album promotion that was likely taking advantage of Kara’s popularity in Japan. I don’t know how well that went and whether it made or lost money. It doesn’t appear to have charted that well. I also see that her solo debut in Korea charted a lot lower than I realized falling well short of the top 40. Otherwise Boa’s rumored solo album she was working on that was supposedly why SPICA.S promoted as a four person subgroup, never seems to have surfaced and it has been a year since then. SPICA did have an English language single that was part of a promotion with Billboard magazine in the US and a Korean festival in California and I think they did a song for an OST almost a year ago. Hyori who works with B2M as her agent of sorts just announced that she is taking a two year hiatus from entertainment. I am worrying a bit that B2M is having a cash crunch and is having a hard time finding the money to promote its artists and record new material with them. I hope that isn’t the case.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking about the same thing recently in regards to B2M. Not sure what’s going on over there but the momentum has really slowed down in 2015. I NEED MAI SPICA.

      1. Yep, it sucks as SPICA had great momentum after “You Don’t Love Me” as it charted well and got them standing for some show wins. They didn’t get any, but just standing as one of the eligible groups is a nice accomplishment. It’s funny but while “Give Your Love” may not have been the best pop song, it’s still better than most of the pablum we have been fed since it came out last September. It’s funny how having people who can actually sing in a group can take even mediocre songs and make them worth listening too.

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