Taeyeon’s MV Teasers For “I” Contain About One Second Of Interesting Material


Over the past few days, SM Entertainment has released a couple of music video teasers for Taeyeon’s solo debut which is scheduled to drop on October 7th.

The first one looks like a J.Crew catalog had mild-mannered sex with an Instagram filter.

If there is a hopeful element to the first teaser, it is that the music, which Taeyeon had a hand in writing, seems to be somewhat substantial and almost pop-rock between the low keys and electric guitar strums (Thank god because Taeyeon should be beyond the aegyo, cutesy bullshit by now). The rest of the teaser, with its many shots of Taeyeon pensively squatting, sitting and standing around, don’t leave much of an impression one way or another (unless one is really, REALLY into sepia filters).

The second teaser, released earlier today, largely offers more of the same.

However, there is one intriguing moment that comes at the very end of the teaser.


taeyeon i


Could it be... rocker Taeyeon?

Could it be… rocker Taeyeon?

Please don’t play with my heart like this SM Entertainment. Just when I was ready to write this off as a mom-rock single, you had to go and insert approximately 1.123213435 frames of intrigue. LONG LIVE ROCK STAR TAEYEON, MAY SHE MAKE AN APPEARANCE IN THIS MONEY GRAB SOLO EXPERIMENT.



  1. Well, if not the little bit of music they played sounds intriguing. This might just be good.

    1. Yeah, at the very least it’s a bit more… dramatic (?) than the typical K-Pop fluff.

  2. Boy, one sure hopes this is not just another mediocre solo effort by a company. Taeyeon deserves better than that as do her fans. Hopefully someone at SM was paying attention to all of the lackluster solo efforts by girl groupers over the last year and realizes that putting less than a full effort into a solo project for someone with Taeyeon’s status in the industry is not worthwhile. Sure, on name alone anything that doesn’t truly suck will sell the first week just due to her massive fan base, but at this point in her career critical success should be more important not just to her, but to SM. Hopefully with as long as it has taken for a Taeyeon solo effort to come along, SM put some effort into this. I suppose a promising sign is that some of the Super Junior members that have done solo efforts in the last year or two had pretty successful songs released that stayed on the charts long enough that they weren’t just propped up by their fans like first weeks sales on a bad album can be. We all know that Taeyeon can sing they hell out of heartfelt ballads, but let’s hope we get to see her do more than that.

  3. The audio tracks are out now on youtube.

  4. The music video is out now. The extreme closeups show her terrible nose job. Her real nose was so cute: http://cfile232.uf.daum.net/image/126BEC40507392DA327FFE

    1. It’s ironic that apparently Korean men want to see a Caucasian nose and eyes on an Asian woman and most Caucasian guys that find Asian women attractive do so because of their Asian facial features. It’s sad when you see what are pretty young women by any realistic standard succumb to pressure to alter their face. I’d understand it if someone had a really crooked nose or some facial feature that was completely out of proportion, and I understand the desire of some women to have boob jobs if they are really flat chested, but Taeyeon was so cute. She didn’t need any work done. Hopefully if she had work done the idea originated with her at least and it wasn’t some manager at SM pushing her to have it done or some snide comment from some consumer products company that her face wasn’t Western enough for their ad campaign.

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