AOA’s Seolhyun Makes… Brand/Product/Life Look Flawless Because Seolhyun

seolhyun aoa buckaroo

The internet tells me that Buckaroo is a denim brand that sells trendy jeans and jackets in various cuts and shades of distress. It’s a good thing that Google exists because otherwise I’d just think that “Buckaroo” was a purveyor of crop top sweaters or shorthand for “HOLY LAWD SEOLHYUN.”

Yeah, pretty sure Seolhyun could sell ice to an Eskimo and wishes to a genie.

Still, one has to hand it to *checks name again Buckaroo; thirty seconds of Seolhyun in crop tops could build enough good will to end galactic conflicts.

Good job Buckaroo, whatever it is you do!



  1. Outstanding

  2. NJKPopper · · Reply

    Oh wow!

  3. Oh.. look who has finally decided to jump on the Seolhyun bandwagon.

    1. Still Team Choa all the way. Seolhyun is amazing though.

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