Waifu Wednesday: Hayoung

playback hayoung ww

Lee Ha Young (better known by her stage name Hayoung) is a South Korean American (I think?) idol rapper. She is best known for being the rapper in K-Pop rookie group Playback.

Even in a group as promising as Playback, Hayoung stands out. The rookie rapper may not have a breathtaking flow (it’s on par with a lot of K-Pop “rappers” out there) but the idol can seriously dance and she’s got some pretty funny acting chops as well (skip to about the 5:08 mark in the linked video as video embedding is disabled in the clip). To top it all off, Hayoung is from Los Angeles, so she speaks very good English which means THERE’S A CHANCE (there’s no chance).

Seriously, the girl is cute.

May Playback have a long and prosperous career ahead of them because the world needs more Hayoung in it (at the very least, give her a role on a soap opera in between comebacks).


Hayoung is so beautiful that she makes stone statues blush.

Bask in the glory.

Bask in the glory.

Hayoung’s smile is brighter than a supernova merging with five other supernovas.

Blinding pretty.

Blinding pretty.

Hayoung could melt mountains with her moves.



Hayoung is so pretty that she is quickly becoming a common cause of whiplash.

Who knew heaven got cell reception.

Who knew heaven had selcas.

Hayoung is so majestic that several dimensions worship her as a god.

Our dimension is coming around.

Our dimension is coming around.


jumping fanboying



  1. She is literally OUTSTANDING!

  2. Yay! Another Playback member. The way she says “playback” at the beginning and end of the song is what really got me hooked on it. She’s just too adorable. And very waifu-worthy.

  3. I’d buy a 4k TV to watch this video :

    Look at these silly moves at 2:47, so cute.

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