Yoona Is On Instagram Now, So Prepare To See Her In A Lot More Future Selca Sundays


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On Sunday, Instagram officially became thoroughly Soshified, as Im Yoona, she of next-to-no lines and next-to-all of the screen time, became the final member of Girls’ Generation to join the social media service.

Tiffany helped announce Yoona’s impending Instagram dominance with a post on her own Instagram. She captioned the photo with an inscription reading, “welcome to the wonderful world of social media bae” which seems to questionably imply that the world of social media is full of fun, positive people and not riddled with crazy stalkers and netizen trolls.

welcome to the wonderful world of social media bae @yoona__lim 😏🌹❤️

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Yoona has since posted to her account twice and racked up 693,000 followers in a day.


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Not bad for an account launch. Still, she’ll have some work to do before she enjoys the following of her fellow members, whose accounts I’ve compiled here for your convenience. Despite probably having the most unpleasant experiences involving social media in the group, Taeyeon’s Instagram account reigns supreme.

Taeyeon – 4.9 million followers

Yuri – 2.8 million followers

🐶🐾 #뽀뽀쟁이#찌부#깔렸어

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Tiffany – 2.6 million followers

the many faces of stephanie hwang😶❤️ #tbthursday

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Sunny – 2.6 million followers

가든 놀러오기 좋은 날씨다! #써니의FM데이트

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Hyoyeon – 2.5 million followers

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Sooyoung – 2.4 million followers


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Seohyun – 1.9 million followers

And because why not, Jessica Jung – 2.2 million followers

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon..👖👠✌🏻️

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  1. When you are Tiffany, everything is wonderful. I don’t think that girl has a sad day, which is good, because her upbeat attitude keeps Taeyeon from falling into a depressive funk. Tiffany seems like the kind of person that has mental armor against trolls. As far as stalkers go, she is well aware of how much more dangerous American stalkers are for celebrities here, so she probably looks on the positive side of having Korean stalkers as being less dangerous.

  2. It’s kind of mind boggling that Taeyeon has over 2 million more followers than the next closest member.

    1. Haven’t looked too much into it but I’m guessing that she has had an account the longest.

  3. To this day I don’t understand why people think she’s pretty. I don’t find her face type attractive. She’s similar to 구혜선. A kind of plain crescent moon face. They’re not ugly, just not “WOW! So beautiful!” I certainly don’t find her the prettiest of SNSD.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    The first time I ever saw Yoona was when I watched “The Boys” video. When she looks healthy(not borderline anorexic) I’m of the opinion that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I will follow.
    I’m still finding it hard to believe that those “Yuri” pictures aren’t Krystal.

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