AOA’s Seolhyun Looks Flawless Throwing Out Not-So-Flawless First Pitch

seolhyun aoa first pitch

AOA’s resident Proof That Eternal Bliss Exists Seolhyun got the chance to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for the SK Wyverns (a much cooler name than anything in the MLB) in their game against the Samsung Lions.

The SK brand ambassador made sure to state that she was very honored to throw out the first pitch for the SK Wyverns at the SK Happy Dream Park for SK Telecom before the game.


Seolhyun previously stated, “I’ve received so much love from many people while working as a model for SK Telecom, and I consider it an honor to be given the role of making the first pitch at Incheon SK Happy Dream Park.”

As for the pitch, it was by no means the best first pitch that one has ever seen at a South Korean baseball game but it is also nowhere near the worst. While Seolhyun got plenty of height on her pitch, the ball dropped just low enough to bounce off of home plate.

And because every YouTube link for the pitch seems to be protected by spotv, here’s a gif of the pitch for… pitching critique and research purposes.



  1. A video about a first pitch without that fabulous camera angle from behind ? Whereas we clearly see in the gif that someone got it on camera ? Luckily Seolhyun looks amazing from anywhere !

    1. I was a little surprised about the angle choices myself tbh.

  2. You know, I thought it was just me. I had an extremely close elevator encounter with this young lady when we were in New Jersey (passed within inches of her as she was stepping in and I was stepping out), and of course I was traumatized. But the hype around her is huge lately, so I’m certainly not alone. Is she really that much prettier than everyone else? It’s such a matter of small degree with these women. But there is definitely something special about her. I just can’t put my finger on it.

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