Here’s Lim Kim Singing Some Nice Soothing Tunes To Gently Rock To

lim kim magazine

Since it’s been far too long since Lim Kim last made an appearance around these parts, I was quite happy to discover that the solo artist with a voice that embodies a spring breeze performed live renditions of Asoto Union’s “Think About ‘Chu” and Lim Kim’s very own (slightly more quick-tempo-ed) “Rain” last month. As with everything Lim Kim, the results are warm, whimsical wonderfulness.

I am pretty sure that I would live in any coffee shop that played Lim Kim’s voice on its loudspeaker forever. Hell, she could sing the dictionary and I’d stick around until the definition for “Zyxt” rolled off her tongue. (Yes, zyxt is a real word. According to, it “is the second singular indicative present form of the verb see,” whatever that means.)

So, if you ever want to relax or lull your co-workers into a happy haze of calm, I’d recommend listening to these videos for the next couple of days. Shame about the vertical video framing though.


One comment

  1. Love her voice, but like Sarah Mclachlan or Norah Jones, I need to be in a pensive sort of mood to really enjoy her songs…. preferably when it’s raining outside.

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