Waifu Wednesday: Yena

yena playback cover 22

Lee Yoon Ji (better known by her stage name Yena) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a vocalist in rookie group Playback.

As is the case with most rookie groups, there isn’t that much material to go off of when writing up these sorts of profiles. However, after having gotten multiple requests for Playback-related posts from people with good tastes (that’s people reading this blog), here’s the first of what will assuredly be many posts on Playback and its members.

Based on this sort-of-self-interview/introduction video, Yena is known as the mother of the group thanks to her “gracefulness” (and the fact that she’s the oldest member of Playback). Adding to that persona, Yena is also apparently the group’s go-to person for questions and she looks after her three group mates when it comes to stuff like cooking and cleaning.

As for her place in the group, Yena has a very strong voice which could feasibly be the star in a different group if it were not for the clear charismatic power that resonates from maknae Woo Lim. To put it in crude terms at the admittedly very young stage of Playback’s career, Yena could be seen as Playback’s Soyu to Woo Lim’s Hyorin. Still, that’s no dig at Yena at all. She is more than capable of holding her own on stage and she’s as pretty as any of the stupidly pretty faces that litter the K-Pop landscape. (Who am I kidding, Playback is gonna run through Waifu Wednesday)


Yena is so sexy that she can melt entire galaxies with a smile.

Hit the playback.

Hit the playback.

Yena is so stunning that she can freeze the tide in its tracks.

The flawlessness is real.

The flawlessness is real.

Yena’s voice is smoother than a glass plane covered in butter.

Could also light up a small country with a smile.

Could also light up a small country with a smile.

Yena is hotter than the center of the sun.

Lawd have mercy and slay me now.

Lawd have mercy and slay me now.

Yena’s beauty is of such mythic proportions that Greek scholars devoted whole universities studying its phenomena.

Playing back again and again and again.

Playing back again and again and again.


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  1. Not really into their debut single but whoa, that intro video of Ha-Young speaking perfect English just made me a follower of this group.

    1. Still deciding who my bias in the group is going to be. I think I have it down to between two… or three… or all four. My answer changes by the minute.

  2. You’ve made me very happy! I can’t understand how anyone doesn’t like their debut. I’m still listening to it every day after hearing it probably hundreds of times. It’s an almost perfect Kpop song. But to each his own I suppose. Anyway, good job on this one. She is absolutely waifu-worthy. Oh, and Hayoung is an LA girl like Tippany Hwang. So that’s why she speaks English so well.

  3. I like Playback and I hope that they do well.

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