Ryu Sera Posted Highlights From Her Solo Concert And They Are Magical

sera solo concert

Ryu Sera has been quietly working fairly hard since she graduated from Nine Muses back in 2014.

The former Muse has kept busy by making her own music and releasing her very own music videos through her YouTube channel, including the exquisite “Serenade” that she debuted last month.

She also released her own album which was very limited and basically impossible for international fans to track down, according to this post on Reddit.

Now, she has even held her first solo concert and posted some of the highlights to her YouTube channel (in case it wasn’t abundantly clear, I am strongly hinting that it would be a good idea to follow Sera’s YouTube channel if you haven’t already). Unsurprisingly, Sera looks great, sounds amazing and it’s magnificent to see that she apparently hasn’t lost any of her passion for performing after being put through the ringer by Star Empire Entertainment.

Yup, Sera has still got moves.


One comment

  1. Magical is a perfect adjective. She really looked like she was enjoying herself, and when have you ever seen a Kpop idol do a show like that with a real live band and no fog machines or auto tune or any of that crap? I hope she can continue to do stuff like this. She just seemed so happy. Except for the part where she was crying of course. Do you know what that was all about?

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