Another Nine Muses Comeback Is In The Works For This Year


With “Drama” and “Hurt Locker” under their belt for this year, it wouldn’t have been that surprising if Nine Muses simply hibernated for a bit seeing as the group has managed to recalibrate itself nicely after its Tragic Member Exile of 2014 (*pours one out for Sera, Eunji and Lee Sem). However, because rest is for the weak, non-“determined” groups and Star Empire Entertainment is all about that determination, Nine Muses will be preparing an album for the end of this year.

They were revealed to be preparing for it by their agency, which unveiled on September 21, “Nine Muses are preparing an album with the end of this year as their goal.  The date is not confirmed.”

Although the group hasn’t yet managed to hit the same highs (Ryu Sera) that it hit in 2013 (Ryu Sera) with classic (Ryu Sera) tracks like “Wild” and “Dolls,” more Nine Muses can almost always be counted on as being A Good Thing for those who like energetic dance music sung by people who could easily work runways. Given Star Empire’s recent monetary issues, I guess we should be thankful for any Nine Muses releases at all.


A reason to be excited about Nine Muses comebacks.

A reason to be excited about Nine Muses comebacks.

All the determination.

All the determination.


One comment

  1. Kyungri’s “hey-look-at-my-boob” shot is too cute and too hot to not forget. Its good to know that Sojin is improving vocally. By the way, when will you do a keumjo “aka Sera’s twin” waifu wednesday?

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