A Quick Overview Of My Soon-To-Be Discarded K-Pop Summer Playlist


With the summer season all but over (and there being literally nothing grabbing my attention news-wise), now is as good a time as any to examine the K-Pop songs I’ve played the most over the past few months and wonder, “Was this summer’s K-Pop offering truly as incredibly mediocre amazing as I remember?”

So, here is the final version of my summer playlist (Sadly, I forget the day that I started compiling songs for the season). Of course, tracks that came out later in the summer are probably at a greater disadvantage than those that came out earlier but who cares. Most-played songs will be at the top and descend in order from there. Songs that came out this summer will be bolded.

  1. Wonder Girls – I Feel You
  2. Mamamoo – Mr. Ambiguous
  3. Mamamoo – Um Oh Ah Yeh
  4. T-ara – TTL Listen 2 (Yeah, I have no idea how)
  5. T-ara – Sugar Free
  6. Brown Eyed Girls – Kill Bill
  7. T-ara – Day By Day
  8. SPICA – Potently
  9. 2NE1 – Love is Ouch
  10. FIESTAR – One More
  11. SHINee – Married to the Music
  12. Lim Kim – Goodbye 20
  13. KARA – STEP
  14. SHINee – View
  15. Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker
  16. Nine Muses – Wild
  17. Big Bang – Lies
  18. SNSD – You Think
  19. f(x) – Beautiful Stranger
  20. SPICA – Tonight

Five out of 20 songs isn’t a great showing by my mixtape tinkering standards. As far as final iterations go, I’m fairly certain that mine usually have much more current stuff in them because my attention span is nil. At least the Wonder Girls and Mamamoo came through. If anyone sees any glaring omissions that I must include in my fall play list, let me know below! Until then, feel free to pass judgment on my obviously T-ara-biased tastes.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Since you’re digging non-current stuff I would suggest Pink Tape album and Red Light album. And anything from Red Velvet.

    1. Pink Tape is really good. I’m going to get me some Red Velvet music soon for sure.

  2. Jesse Ray · · Reply

    Miss A’s music from the same time frame as the songs you’ve included from T-ara & B.E.G.has been growing on me this summer

    1. MISS A earlier songs was better.

  3. Thanks for sharing your playlist. I’m enjoying going through some of the old songs I’ve missed and listening again to others I’ve previously passed over. Here are the ‘summer’ songs I’ve been replaying not on your list:
    Let’s Not Fall In Love (BIGBANG) – love love love this song.
    Chewy (D.Holic) – like a EXID clone (down to the dance moves) but grows on you.
    So Crazy (T-ara) – not their best work but beats majority of the lacklustre releases this summer.

  4. 2NE1 – Love is Ouch (사랑은 아야야). Thank you sir, for recommending this wonderful (but incredibly obscure) song.

    1. Welcome. It’s one of my favorites by them.

  5. I love how Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker can go into everyone’s playlist !

    I’ll just add Playback’s debut song and Kaleidoscope by LeeSSang 😀

    1. Playback is one request/suggestion I have gotten fairly often, so will have to give it a spin for sure.

  6. Once Playback, Vibrato, Heart Atrack, Hurt Locker, Prisoner, and So Crazy all came out I found myself listening to nothing else this summer. The fact that you have none of these songs on your list frankly baffles me. I think So Crazy is T-ara’s best release since Cry, Cry.

    1. Still not a huge fan of it to be honest. Vibrato is very good as is Hurt Locker.

  7. T-aras songs have strong staying power, but agree that “So Crazy” was a disappointment.

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