Taeyeon Will Have Her Very Own Not Terrible, Not Horrible, Very Good, Not Bad Solo Concert

taeyeon instagram

Given the fact that she was recently tapped to make her own solo debut, it’s not surprising to learn that SM Entertainment is going to milk the very first SNSD solo effort for all it’s worth by giving Taeyeon her own solo concert.

Taeyeon will hold her concert on six different dates Aa a part of SM’s concert series “The Agit.” Worryingly, it will be called “Taeyeon’s Very Special Day” which makes it sound much more like a toddler’s bedtime story and much less like the rock star concert that Taeyeon would make if there was justice in this world.

The concert poster basically promises that this is not going to stray far from SNSD’s brand of pretty and pink.


Hopefully, with Taeyeon having a whole concert to herself, she’ll be able to dig deep into her old performances because gawd dayum it, Taeyeon’s “Devil’s Cry” would be worth the price of admission by itself.



  1. Does SM have to pay a licensing fee to Tiffany any time they use pink? If so, Tiffany must have one fat bank account.

    What do you think are the odds that Tiffany shows up to sing with Taeyeon?

    Wouldn’t it be utterly bizarre if Jessica joined her on stage in a surprise performance. Jessica and Taeyeon haters would all have a meltdown. For that reason alone, this must happen. Yeah, I know, no way in hell.

    No matter what I hope Taeyeon just really enjoys herself with this and doesn’t let pressure get to her. She always seems happiest on stage in front of an audience, so hopefully this will be something she will really enjoy.

    I would love to see her cover something from Pat Benetar’s early catalog or do at least one song that rocks and seems completely out of left field like the Sex Pistol’s “Anarchy in the UK (Featuring Amber)” or The Scorpion’s “The Zoo.”

    I just hope that regardless of what genre they use on her album that it isn’t a half-hearted girl group’s lead singer solo effort by the company.

    We have seen far too many good singers from girl groups just wasted on crappy material as if there was a clause in the artists contract that required a solo album, but didn’t say that the company had to actually put any effort into it or give the artist any creative control to say, “I’m not singing this, it sucks, try harder.”

    You see the opposite sometimes as well when a group is forced to cut a final album for a label under their contract and they have grown to hate that label. They often float a turd out there, which ironically often backfires as it turns off fans, doesn’t bring in new ones, and can actually stall a career.

  2. If Taeyeon showed up in the middle of the night in my bedroom, singing Devil’s Cry as she slowly pushed and double edged sword through my chest I would die with tears of joy in my eyes.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    I’m a little worried that a whole concert of Taeyeon may be a little tedious. She is a good singer and a good performer, but she always has the others to play off of. I’m actually worried that she may be worried about it. Six shows? All in Korea? Why not SNSD six shows? Weird.
    But being that she is the girlfriend of my ultimate bias I’ll support her and hope she slays.

    1. black soshi · · Reply

      Just saw all shows at SME COEX Atrium. That explains the six performances…

      1. I assume that is a 1,000 to 2,000 seat venue. I think IU did a similar gig last year doing shows for a week at a 2,000-ish seat theatre. That pretty much guarantees sell outs, but means most fans will have a chance to see at least one performance despite the small venue and some will buy tickets to each show helping sell it out.

    2. Tiffany is your ultimate bias? Mine too.

      1. black soshi · ·


  4. devil’s cry, devil’s cry, Devil’s Cry, Devil’s Cry, DEVIL’S CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I really want this to be a wide spectrum of styles but looks like we’ll be lucky to even get a rendition of Devil’s Cry in there.

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