Waifu Wednesday: Joy

joy red velvet ww cover

Park Soo Young (better known by her stage name Joy) is a South Korean idol singer, rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the lead rapper and vocalist of impending K-Pop giant Red Velvet.

Joy was Red Velvet’s OG maknae and, as she was also the only original member of Red Velvet to have not been a part of S.M. Rookies, she pretty much fit the bill of the classic “late addition maknae who is impossibly cute and provides that extra body needed to fill a group shot.”

And, even though Red Velvet would go on to add Yeri, thus causing her to lose her maknae status in the group, Joy has lost none of her shine. Simply put, girl is a star. Joy may have not been an S.M. Rookie but her rise from 2012 trainee to bonafide pop star is no accident.


Joy is so cute that her smile powers several Candy Lands.

So much glorious attitude.

So much glorious attitude.

Joy could melt diamonds with the power of her aegyo.

The adorableness is REAL.

The adorableness is REAL.

Joy is so pretty that her shadow is the envy of angels.

Joy to the world.

Joy to the world.

Joy’s stage name is actually perfectly apt.

The selca as pop art.

The selca as pop art.

Joy’s level of flawlessness is on a whole other plane of existence.

Yup. This is life.

Yup. This is life.


cheering fan boying spazz



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Nearly dead from that gif. Sulli-esque prettiness with this one. We’re eighty percent there. The question is can you Waifu Wednesday a sixteen year old?

      1. So what will happen when you get down to a 16 yr old and Boram? Explode?

        Bye the way, any of the gals from Playback are worthy.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    That’s probably for the best. The eighth of March 2017 it is then!

  3. Joy is great stuff, perfect cute and perfect sexy. My current bias destroyer.

  4. Anyone else see a resemblance between her and Yoon So Hee (actress) or is just me?

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